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Birthday 11 November, 1991
Age 21
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Height 6'2 (1.88)
Hometown Joeyland
Nicknames Pervert (Elly),
Sun, Baby roo, Dutch Guy, Crazy, JJ (Shan),
Fatha, Jiey, Jalinsky, Jiothy, Martin (Tom)
Joe, Kanga, Joeypie (Mau),
Jojo, Jojojo (Delilah) ,
Weirdo, Dude (Nadia)
Cheese (Lily)
Pistachio (Nina)
Our Family Is Better Than Yours
User Level Bureaucrat, Wiki Council

Sunriseondarkenedseas, aka Joey, is a member of the Our Family Is Better Than Yours! family.


  • Loves to give everyone nicknames.
  • Apparantly, he is very lame and cheesy.
  • Is a lefty.
  • Never smoked, did drugs, got piercings or tattoos.
    • This is a lie, he smokes green Emoticon_angry.png
      • Because yellow is illegal Cool.gif
  • Loves to watch horrorfilms.
  • Favorite sport is soccer (but loves ice skating too), and was keeper at his club.
  • Is very protective over his friends.
  • Wants to live in the USA.
  • Agrees that Nasia is more awesome than he is & loves her very much.
  • Is an only child.
  • Loves to design wiki's and is a huge fan of MediaWiki.
  • When he posted the art he made for TGP season 1 on tumblr, he got responses from both Lindsay and Ellis.
  • Is a true scorpio and believes this page describes him quite well.
  • Has a very bad hand writing and always tries to make it better but messes up.
  • Studied medicines in Utrecht but had to drop out after his first year.
  • Loves to take walks in the rain.
  • If he really dislikes someone, he doesn't talk to them and ignores them as much as possible.
  • Has been to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain.
  • Once kissed a stranger on the street for a bet.
  • Loves planes and was obsessed with them when he was little.
  • When he was young wanted to be a pilot, but couldn't be one because his eyes weren't good enough.
  • Most of the time thinks the glass is half full.
  • Favourite color is blue.
  • Likes to have gif wars.
  • Is 75% Dutch, 25% Belgian.
  • Things in chat Joey dislikes:
    • u/ur instead of you/your
    • if someone leaves without saying bye (even though it's not always on purpose etc)
    • when people curse too much
    • being ignored
    • ikr, ik, k, wtvr, whatever
    • when no one talks
      • YouLikeThis You like this.
      • "when people curse too much".... I thought you liked my cursing Emoticon_sad.png



This user thinks everyone here is amazing the way they are
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Blue Team!
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Fun Facts

  • October 28th - Joined the wiki
  • October 28th - Became admin
  • November 3rd - Became bureaucrat
  • Made 5,040 edits on this wiki, these are
    • 1,327 Main edits
    • 540 MediaWiki edits
    • 671 uploaded files
    • 490 edits to templates


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