guys, my schedule is now fucked up. i wont be on too much. i can't do a lot of these things right now. im just gonna simulate.Edit


Beauties Age Status Switch
Elise 25 8th N/A
Ian 23 15th N/A
Morgan 21 4th N/A
Raquel 27 2nd N/A
Athletes Age Status Switch
Ethan 26 1st N/A
George 24 7th N/A
Melina 27 13th N/A
Rich 22 9th N/A
Off-Beats Age Status Switch
Andrew 25 16th N/A
Ella 27 3rd Athletes
Mark 28 5th N/A
Tammy 29 14th N/A
Brains Age Status Switch
Brett 28 12th N/A
Grant 24 10th N/A
Jenna 23 6th Off-Beats
Tenn'ia 27 11th N/A

Note: Plum color represents they made it into 'Singles' where the teams were disolved.

Note 2: 'Switch' indicates that castmate was switched to another team due to a lack of people on a certain team.


Each week there will be a group challenge. The challenge is aimed towards a certain group's specialities. 3 teams will win, 1 team will lose, that losing team will face off in a battle to stay in the group. The person who loses will be eliminated. HOWEVER, they will not be going home. At the exit, they is an elevator. 2 different floors. One goes up into "Heaven", a nice beautiful place where you get all of the luxuries you could imagine. However, there is a twist, there are only 4 spots in Heaven. The other floor goes down to "Hell" where they will have to eat nothing but rice and stale bread. They have a normal shower, 2 bathrooms, 1 flatscreen TV, and a dining room. They will only get to wear the clothes they wear when they are eliminated. All of their other lugage, will wait for them outside of this house once the game is over. The big twist involving who goes where, is up to the public. They will have the chance to send the contestant either to "Heaven" or "Hell" and they have to vote wisely because there are only 4 spots in Heaven

Episode 1: Survival BeginsEdit

Group Challenge (All-Around): 1st- Brains, 2nd- Athletes, 3rd- Beauties, 4th- Off Beats

Face Off: Andrew, Ella, Mark, and Tammy

Eliminated: Andrew

Public Vote: Hell: 62%, Heaven: 38%

Episode 2: Claws Out Scratchin'Edit

Group Challenge (Athletes): 1st- Athletes, 2nd- Off Beats, 3rd- Brains, 4th- Beauties

Face Off: Elise, Ian, Morgan, and Raquel

Eliminated: Ian

Public Vote: Hell: 54%, Heaven: 46%

Episode 3: Stage FightEdit

Group Challenge (Beauty): 1st- Beauties, 2nd- Athletes, 3rd- Brains, 4th- Off Beats

Face Off: Ella, Mark, and Tammy

Eliminated: Tammy

Public Vote: Hell: 78%, Heaven: 22%

Episode 4: Clowning AroundEdit

Group Challenge (Off Beat): 1st- Brains, 2nd- Off Beats, 3rd- Beauties, 4th- Athletes

Face Off: Ethan, George, Melina, and Rich

Eliminated: Melina

Public Vote: Hell: 70%, Heaven: 30%

Episode 5: The Fall of the KingsEdit

Group Challenge (Brains): 1st- Off Beats, 2nd- Athletes, 3rd- Beauties, 4th- Brains

Face Off: Brett, Grant, Jenna, and Tenn'ia

Eliminated:  Brett

Public Vote: Hell: 76%, Heaven: 24%

Episode 6: Grant-ing you the PowerEdit

Group Challenge (Athletic): 1st- Athletes, 2nd- Beauties, 3rd- Off Beats, 4th- Brains

Face Off: Grant, Jenna, and Tenn'ia

Eliminated: Tenn'ia

Public Vote: Heaven: 68%, Hell: 32%

Episode 7: Let Me Take ControlEdit

Group Challenge (Beauty): 1st- Beauty, 2nd- Athletes, 3rd- Off Beats, 4th- Brains

Face Off: Grant and Jenna

Eliminated: Grant

Public Vote: Hell: 89%, Heaven: 11%

Episode 8: 4 Teams Become 3Edit

Switch: Jenna- (from Brains to Off Beats)

Group Challenge (Off Beats): 1st- Off Beats, 2nd- Beauties, 3rd- Athletes

Face Off: Ethan, George, and Rich

Eliminated: Rich

Public Vote: Hell: 25%, Heaven: 75%

Episode 9: Dark HorseEdit

Group Challenge (Brains): 1st- Athletes, 2nd- Off Beats, 3rd- Beauties

Face Off: Elise, Morgan, and Raquel

Eliminated: Elise Public Vote: Hell: 52%, Heaven: 48%

Episode 10: A New AireEdit

Group Challenge (Athletic): 1st- Beauties, 2nd- Off Beats, 3rd- Athletes

Face Off: Ethan and George

Eliminated: George

Public Vote: Heaven: 71%, Hell: 29%

Episode 11: Beauty Queen MonsterEdit

Switch: Ella- (From Off Beats to Athletes)

Group Challenge (Beauty): 1st- Beauties, 2nd- Athletes, 3rd- Off Beats

Face Off: Jenna and Mark

Eliminated: Jenna

Public Vote: Heaven: 67%, Hell: 33%

Episode 12: SinglesEdit

Singles: Ella, Ethan, Mark, Morgan, and Raquel

Group Challenge (Off Beats): 1st- Ethan, 2nd- Morgan, 3rd- Ella, 4th/5th- Mark and Raquel

Face Off: Mark and Raquel

Eliminated: Mark

Public Vote: Hell: 53%, Heaven: 47%

Episode 13: Do or Die MomentEdit

Group Challenge (Brains): 1st- Raquel, 2nd/3rd/4th- Ella, Ethan, and Morgan

Face Off: Ella, Ethan, and Morgan

Eliminated: Morgan

Public Vote: Hell- 70%, Heaven- 30%

Episode 14: One Last StepEdit

Group Challenge: Winner- Raquel

Face Off: Ella and Ethan

Eliminated: Ella

(Since there is one more spot left in Heaven, Ella automatically went there.

Episode 15: Victory is MineEdit

Final Challenge: Ethan and Raquel

Round 1: Ethan

Round 2: Ethan

Round 3: Raquel

Round 4: Ethan

Round 5: Raquel

Round 6: Raquel

Final Round: Ethan

Winner- Ethan

Runner Up- Raquel

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