The Walking Dead: New York is a fanfiction written by Delilah based on the horror-drama series The Walking Dead. Like the original show, it features survivors of a zombie apocalypse hoping to survive, however, as the title suggests it takes place in New York, unlike the TV counterpart which takes place in Georgia.

I want 10 main characters for the first season who'll pop up now and then throughout the show, you can make them anyone you'd like. I'll be creating two of the ten, the protagonist and the protagonist's best friend and roommate. In addition to the main characters, there'll be recurring characters as well. These will be family members of your main characters who've survived with their relative or just people I create to help with the plot. You don't have to audition them. Your audition forms must include the character's name, age, personality, a brief biography, and a portrayer. You can add extra if you'd like. Also remember, I need characters of all ages, not just teens-young adults.

My CharactersEdit

  • Name: Audrey McNamara
  • Age: 21
  • Personality: Unlike her best friend, Audrey is shy, quiet, and calculated. She's normally a follower, completely content with doing what other's are doing as long as she deems it appropriate.
  • Biography: Audrey was born and raised in the Long Island hamlet of Stony Brook in an upper-middle class family. She has a younger sister named Leanna and an older sister named Mel. She doesn't have a close relationship with her family due to a falling out they had over her boyfriend when she was 19, but her relationship with her sister Leanna is still very strong. She attends New York University as a film major, which is where she met Angelina, as they were roommates in their freshmen year. 
  • Portrayer: Ana Mulvoy-Ten

  • Name: Angelina Irwin
  • Age: 21
  • Personality: Angelina is a firecracker. She doesn't care what people think of her and doesn't have a filter either. She has a big personality, and can light up any room with her smile. 
  • Biography: Angelina was born in Japan on an American military base. Her father was an American army general while her mother is a cliché American war wife. She moved frequently throughout her childhood, spending time in Japan, Germany, Panama, and several cities in the United States. When she was 12, she lost her father during the Iraq War, and after that she became very antiviolent and an enemy of war. She attends New York University as a psychology major, which is where she met Audrey, as they were roommates in their freshmen year.
  • Portrayer: Bella Thorne

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