• In this competition, there will be NO ELIMINATIONS! Everyone stays in throughout the whole season.
  • There will be a scoreboard that will keep points.
  • Whoever has the least amount of points in the end, will win!
  • The total will get added to th chart every week.
  • How will you recieve points? There will be a question each round.
  • You have to rank your opponents to see who's the best fit for that category.
  • Hopefully some people people won't get offended if they are ranked low.


  • No, you cannot give two people a tie. Find some way to even it out.Use randomizer or something.
  • Do not give someone a low rank just because you don't want that person to win
  • Play fair. No bias allowed
  • If you have alerady submitted your rankings, you cannot change them
  • You don't get your ranking on time; you cannot participate
  • If you miss 2 weeks in a row, 30 points will be added to your overall total (which is bad)


1st- MarkEdit

2nd- TomEdit

3rd- JoeyEdit

3rd- NasiaEdit

Overall Total

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Total
Joey 8 8
Robert 3 3
Nasia 8 8
Tom 5 5

Question 1Edit

Who is the MOST weird in chat?

Joey Robert Nasia Tom
Joey - 1 3 2
Robert 2 - 3 1
Nasia 3 1 - 2
Tom 3 1 2 -

Question 2Edit

Who's the horniest?

Joey Robert Nasia Tom

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