The Chanels
Shipname The Chanels
Diet Squirrel Queen
Status Best Friends
First met OFIBTY

The Chanels is the relationship between Sean, Nina and Delilah. They are often referred to as Seaninilah.


  • They're really the ones keeping the wiki alive.
  • They're also the three most loved people on it.
  • Sean often makes the other two cry, be it by making them laugh or insulting them (making him Chanel #1).
  • Sean and Delilah are the ones to teach Nina about America the most.
  • Although, she is also very confused about it (making her Chanel #3).
  • Sean often teases them both for using marijuana, being slutty, or drinking alcohol.
  • This mostly applies to Delilah (making her Chanel #5).

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