The Croats are a group on the wiki primarily led by Nina. They are a group of users from the Southern European country of Croatia, and all live in the capital city Zagreb, with the exception of Mia. Nina first came to the wiki in 2013, and two years later began inviting her real-life friends to the wiki, and many of them stuck around, forming the Croats. Nina has stated that she will invite at least one more Croat to the wiki in the coming weeks.


Leader & CreatorEdit

  • Nina - the horny one

Other MembersEdit


  • A common gag on the wiki is that Croats are liars. This was started by Cael.
  • All of the members of the Croats know each other in real-life and are friends outside of the wiki.
  • They constitute the majority of the non-native English speakers of the wiki.
  • Outside of the United States, Croatia is the most common place of birth for members of the wiki.
  • They're all kinda weird.
  • They are a cult.
  • They are walking paradoxes, according to Sean.
  • Ash has/had a thing for more or less all of them (excluding Anamarija and Mia).


Tyler: These Croats are a pain in my ass.

Deli: I wish I was a 15 year old Croatian. Crying.gif

Sean: Tyler you would think with all that experience being a Croat, [Nina] would be a great liar.

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