The Dark Alley is a short thriller-suspense story written by Justin   

The Dark Alley
Author Justin
Genre Thriller; suspense
Rating PG-13
Content Story

The Dark AlleyEdit

All I heard was the guitar and drums heavily playing on my head, while I walked down the silent street at night. The night was hot, no, cold, yes, it was a cold night. Anyway, all I heard was the music playing on my ears. The street was deserted except for me. I don`t remember what I was doing- just walking through the night, listening to music, trying to get home. I turned down the street, to an alley, a really dark alley with no lights on it. I continued my walk, the music shouting at my ears. It was then that I felt a cold shiver. A very cold shiver, coming directly from infront of me. Fuck it, I thought, trying to get home as quickly as I could. The air was getting heavier and heavier, something was weird. I stopped the music, I just couldn`t listen to it anymore. A strange feeling invaded me, I knew something was about the happen. I read and heard this types of stories before, someone`s alone at night, and he encounters something paranormal or shit like that, I never was afraid of that stuff, that was until now. I knew something was about to happen to me, as I quickly acelerated my pace. I reached my home, nothing happened to me. I was just walking through a dark alley, alone, on a cold night. 

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