Every episode there will be a challenge. There can be 2 types of weeks: A normal week, a Team Work week. Every episode will have one or more themes, the ones can be:Community, Functionality, Design, Art, and Coding. Things will get harder each week. Every episode there will be a challenge winner, chose by the judges. That person will put up one person to elimination. Conetstants will choose the second person at risk. They will give a ranking from an 0-10 scale on their work that week, and the one with the lowest amount of points will go to the bottom. Judges will vote for who they want to go home. In the finals, points will be revealed, and they will play an important role. Since there are only 5 people, not every week there will be an elimination but some weeks will be. The prize will be the User of the Year award! You can still sign in!


The Judges Pannel

  • Do not copy others' work
  • Judges, please make your decisions as unbiased as possible
  • Arrogance is forbidden
  • Always try

EpisodeBox DeliBox JoeyBox MarkBox NasiBox JohnBox
2tfc WINBox INBox INBox Risk2Box OUTBox
3tfc INBox INBox INBox INBox
INBox The contestant was not at risk of elimination
WINBox The contestant won this weeks challenge
RISKBox The contestant was at risk of elimination
Risk2Box The contestant was at risk of elimination for not completing the challenge
OUTBox The contestant was eliminated


Delitfc1 Joeytfc1

Johntfc1 Marktfc1



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