The directory and cast information for the Harmonics.


  • Brandon Day portrayed by Brendan Dooling
  • Ellie Hawthorne portrayed by Jemima West
  • Shan Hale portrayed by Crystal Reed
  • Tyler King portrayed by Zac Efron
  • Tom Parker portrayed by Andrew Garfield
  • Joey Mitchell portrayed by Brant Daughtery
  • Delilah LeBlanc portrayed by Vanessa Morgan
  • John Ryder portrayed by Josh Hutcherson
  • Nasia Artist portrayed by Alicia Josipovic
  • Brian Dawson portrayed by Justin Timberlake
  • Mauricio Dixon portrayed by Sam Clafin
  • Pevita Miller portrayed by Katherine McNamara

Season 1 Episodes:Edit

  1.  Pilot
  2.  The Assembly
  3.  Sex Can Sale
  4.  This Is Halloween
  5.  Wicked Auditions
  6.  Wicked
  7.  The Mash-Up
  8.  The Pregnancy Pact
  9.  That's So Retro
  10.  Sectionals
  11.  Pair Me Up!
  12.  A Monster Or Directioner?
  13.  Nobody's Perfect
  14.  Be Mine?
  15.  Beat It!
  16.  Alcohol, Please
  20.  Prom
  21.  Nationals, Maybe?

Project New York:Edit

Project New York is the name for the series until I actually come up with one. Bascially it will follow a certain set of character's from the Harmonics in their school, the New York Academy of Fine Performing Arts. Here's the cast list, as of now. These are only the confirmed character's that will be appearing. More could come as they go.

Main Cast:

  • Brandon Day
  • Shan Hale
  • Tyler King
  • Nina Weston
  • Justin Aron
  • Mau Dixon


  • Tom Parker
  • Delilah LeBlanc
  • Lucas Drake

Guest Cast:

  • Mark Criss

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