The House in the Middle of Nowhere
Author Delilah
Genre Reality
Rating Teen

The House in the Middle of Nowhere (also known as HIMON) is a reality competition featuring two teams of six contestants fighting to win the cash prize of $250,000. It is written by Delilah and has new episodes premiere every Saturday. On March 18, 2013 the show was officially canceled by creator Delilah due to lack of interest and sudden drop in viewers.


The House in the Middle of Nowhere is hosted by actress and comedienne Kristen Wiig and takes place in a Victorian mansion in the countryside of Northern England. Twelve men and women from all walks of life were placed in the house with one purpose, win. They can lie, backstab, anything, because if you don't, you have no chance.


Note: Since you don't have to do anything you will all automatically be in the competition
The Rogues:

Contenders Age Occupation Hometown Gender Rank Date Eliminated
Ellie 22 Novelist Los Angeles, CA Female
John 18 Student Milwaukee, WI Male
Nasia 23 Exotic Dancer Baltimore, MD Female
Shan 31 Chef New York, NY Female
Tyler 27 Lawyer Jersey City, NJ Male
Tom 28 Real Estate Agent Charleston, WV Male 11th 2nd March 2013

The Vigilantes:

Contenders Age Occupation Hometown Gender Rank Date Eliminated
Joey 32 Accountant Seattle, WA Male
Mark 26 Film Maker New York, NY Male
Nadia 24 Waitress Pasadena, CA Female
Tiffany 26 Nurse Cleveland, OH Female
Andrew 27 High School Teacher Tallahassee, FL Male 10th 9th March 2013
Rae 38 Stay-at-home Mom Peachtree City, GA Female 12th 23rd February 2013

Contestant ProgressEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Ellie Tiffany Nasia WIN
Joey Rae Nasia Mark
John Tiffany Nasia Andrew
Mark Rae Tom RISK
Nadia Rae Tom Mark
Nasia WIN RISK Andrew
Shan Rae Tom Andrew
Tiffany RISK WIN Mark
Tyler Rae Tom Andrew
Andrew Rae Tom OUT
Tom Tiffany OUT

  WON  This contestant won The House in the Middle of Nowhere.
 R-UP  This contestant was the runner-up.
 WIN  This contender won the team challenge, was safe for the week, and became the Head of the Home for the week.
 WIN  This contender was part of the winning team that won the team challenge, and was safe for the week.
IN This contender was not at risk of elimination.
 RISK  This contender was at risk for elimination
OUT  This contender was eliminated from the competition.
OUT  This contender quit the competition.


  • On the February 23, 2013 episode, contestant Tiffany said "shit" and the word was not blocked out. This angered parents watching the show and made the network take notice. The President of OTVSIBTY, John Walker , stated that "The cast has been noted not to use foul language anymore and that the network will take much more serious next time the production team misses one."