This is the official page for The Laylas, the girl group of the wiki. Their biggest rivals are Spotlight. The group produces mainly pop music but they show to be influenced by genres such as R&B, electronica, and rock. The group is made up of Delilah Byrd, Ellie Hawthorne, Nadia Goulding, and Tiffany Andrews.

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Here is the track listing for The Laylas's debut album, Celestia

Number Title Length Writers

Standard Version

1 "Celestia" 3:21 Delilah Byrd
2 "Karma Queen" 2:59 Byrd
3 "Playing With Fire" 4:01 Ellie Hawthorne
4 "Rude Boy" 3:53 Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Ester Dean, Makeba Riddick, Rob Swire, Rihanna
5 "Supernova" 4:36 Byrd
6 "Three Years and Counting" 3:30 Hawthorne
7 "Shining" 3:18 Byrd
8 "Fading to Dawn" 4:00 Hawthorne
9 "Fiona" 3:54 Byrd

Deluxe Edition

10 "Twister" 3:09 Byrd
11 "I Can Tell You Want Me" 3:46 Hawthorne