Greetings my little minions! Yes, I am making a Hunger Games. And I did get my permission, so all's good. And yea.... so, this is obviously gonna be a Hunger Games (duh bitchhh) and it's gonna have us in it! Fuck ya! So, ya.... umm.. okay


Little ExplanationEdit

Okay, so I honestly don't have the time and patience to track you bitches down and be weird enough to ask you to be in these, so I'm gonna make this real simple: I'm putting down EVERYONE'S NAMES (or at least people who are active here), even if you like it or not. And if you're really retarded enough to not wanna be in these, I'll just take your name off and replace you with a celebrity. And since we don't have enough tributes already, I'm gonna add celebrities to take those places. And if I didn't add you and you wanna be in these, let me know. Is that good? Okay.


Simply let me know which district you'd like.

Tribute ListEdit

District Female Male
1 Nina Mau
2 Nasia Jacob Artist
3 Rae John
4 Delilah Justin
5 Emilia Clarke Tom
6 Melissa Benoist Louis Tomlinson
7 Nadia Joey
8 Lady Gaga Harry Styles
9 Britney Spears Justin Bieber
10 Niall Horan Brandon
11 Shan Mark
12 Ellie Tyler


Placing Tribute Killed By How
24 Niall Horan Rae Blown up by grenade
23 Britney Spears John Stabbed by dagger
22 Emilia Clarke Delilah Beaten to death
21 Lady Gaga Shan Arrow through head
20 Louis Tomlinson Tom Stabbed by a spear in stomach
19 Melissa Benoist Tom Stabbed by a spear in the boob (blood loss)
18 Jacob Artist Nadia Shot in the back
17 Nadia Nasia Axe thrown into chest
16 Delilah Justin Sword through back
15 Brandon Rae Blown up by grenade
14 Justin Bieber Shan Shot by arrow in temple
13 Harry Styles Mark Poisoned
12 Justin Tyler Beaten to death
11 Tyler Ellie Poisoned
10 Shan Nasia Axe through head
9 Mark Nasia Axe through head
8 John Lily Shot
7 Tom Lily Shot
6 Nina Lily Shot
5 Mau Lily Shot
4 Joey Lily Shot
3 Ellie Lily Shot
2 Nasia Lily Shot
1 Rae N/A N/A

The GamesEdit

Nina's POVEdit

As I walk back to our OFIBTY house, I see a puddle of glistening water. It instantaneously enlightens me. I keep on walking. Once I reach the house, I see cars and planes with the Capitol logo on them. The hell? I think to myself. This isn't "The Hunger Games". I'm more idiotic enough to actually walk into our house to see what's going on as oppose to running away like a scared little bitch. Once I open the door, it's chaos. Peacekeepers are waking everyone up. "Get your hands off me, you old motherfucker!" Delilah screams to one of them. I then see Mau, the love of my life, getting hassled by another one. Before I try to intervene, a Peacekeeper holds my arms in the back, sort of like handcuffs, and leads me somewhere. I try to kick him in the balls, but my attempt failed. I do anything I can possibly do that's in my power, but it's just useless. Once we get outside, he leads me to a pedestal near the edge of our OFIBTY pool. He then releases me once I get on it. I now realize what this is all about. Those greedy Capitol motherfuckers are putting us in a Hunger Games together. I have to kill all of my friends because of this. This is what they want. But I won't let them get it.

Mau's POV Edit

I stand on my pedestal, waiting for something to happen. I see Nina straight across from me on her pedestal. She waves to me. I insecurely wave back. I'm scared out of my mind right now. Then, a big and loud voice comes up. "Hello! Welcome to the OFIBTY Hunger Games! My name is Lily, and I am your host/gamemaker today! I am so glad that you all are here to partic-" "FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID BITCH!" Tyler screams at the top of his lungs. "Haha Tyler. Do you know what you are? A little shit!" Lily says in the most normal and casual voice possible. "To be fairly honest, I wish you all died in this because I think you all are little fucktards but sadly, one of you little assholes has to come out victorious". Our jaws dropped. We weren't surprised that Tyler said what he said because he's Tyler. But a gamemaker saying this sort of stuff? No. If I win this, I'm going into that bitch's little control room and killing her and all of her little henchmen. "Okay, now let me give you some background" Lily says. "First, food is hidden. It's either in your OFIBTY rooms or just anywhere else. The same goes for weapons. Shelter, you can figure that out on your own. Water, it's obviously in your OFIBTY pool. But be careful; other people may be here drinking water from the pool and will probably kill you right on the spot. We aren't doing the whole Cornucopia thing this year though. However, once you're off your pedestals you can still kill the other tributes... but there's a catch: since you won't have your weapons yet once you're off your pedestals, you'll have to figure out how you're going to kill the other tributes in that time if you decide to do that. But we just won't be having the actual Cornucopia with the weapons in it this year. We will also still be having the normal feast. And one last reminder: don't go off your pedestals before the countdown ends and the gong starts. If I missed anything, I shall remind you all once the Games begin. I shall now start the countdown! Good Luck, tributes! And may the odds be ever in your favor...". The intercom then fades out. The countdown then begins. 

Nasia's POVEdit

60....59....58....57....56....55, I think to myself. I see Jakey over there. He winks at me. I almost collapse right on the spot on how gorgeous he is. I then see Joey. He blows me a kiss. I almost then do the same of what I was about to do from Jakey because of Joey. This isn't going to be easy. Two guys that I love. In one place. Where we all have to kill each other. Great... jussttt great. 30, 29, 28, 27, 26 25, I think to myself. I need to put on my A game in this. I then see Lele. She waves to me. "We're no longer BBFAES until you're nice again" I mouth. She then flips me off right on the spot. Friendship. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 I think to myself. I start shaking. 2, 1, 0.... and with that we blast off our pedestals to find shelter and kill our fellow friends.

Rae's POVEdit

"God, this is mayhem!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I see Emilia Clarke running away from everyone at top speed. I then see Delilah catch up to her and tackle her on the floor. She starts punching her. "I NEVER WATCHED AND NEVER WILL WATCH GAME OF THRONES, YOU BITCH!" Delilah screams. I would get in there to kill Delilah on the spot and save Emilia, but that's just too risky. I run to find shelter. Once I get in the OFIBTY house, I see something in the corner of the room that catches my eye. It says my name on it! Sweet! I rip it open like it's Christmas, but I do it in the most silent way possible. Once I open it, I see at least 20 grenades are in there. No wonder this package was so big and heavy! I start putting all of the grenades in every single pocket I have. Good thing I wore the pair of pants that I own that has the biggest pockets. Same for my shirt. I then make my way through the house, as quick and unnoticable as possible. I then run into Niall Horan. "Hey there, wanna get free tickets to One Direction's new 3D movie, 1D3D?" he asks me like I'm some teenage groupie. "Hell no!" I scream. I get out my grenade, pull the pin where it's near him, and run like a ninja. Once I'm far away from it, I watch it explode. I jump up and down with a smile slapped across my face. I run back into the place where I put the grenade. Blood and guts are spattered everywhere. And I know for sure that it was Niall I killed because I then see Brandon running towards me with a look on his face I couldn't even describe.

John's POVEdit

I search around the house for food and weapons. I'm not finding anything so far. I go into one of the bathrooms. I look in all of the cabinets. Wow. I pull out a whole thing of tuna. "The fuck...?" I say to myself. Well, that'll do. I stick the jar of tuna in my jacket pocket. Now I just need to find my weapons. I go into the master bedroom. I check under the bed. Ugh, nothing's there! I then look out the window. I spot a package that has my name on it in a little shrub. Good, no one's down there. I run down the stairs and look around to check if the coast is clear. Once I'm outside, the coast is still clear. Good. I run as fast as I can to the shrub. My hands are shaking. I open the package with all of my strength. I then see a beautiful, long dagger right in front of my eyes. This will totally come in handy. I go back in the house. I see Tom looking around. Oh my gosh, am I thinking of killing Tom? Why would I do that? I wanna kill one of these pathetic celebrities. And in the nick of time, I see Britney Spears walking down the stairs. She looks drunk as hell. "Hey Britney!" I yell to get her attention. She looks at me. "What do you want?" she asks me like I'm one of her little servants. "I want this" I say in a devilish tone. Right after I say that, I stride toward her and stab her in the stomach with my dagger. She hums "Toxic" while she's dying on the floor. I walk away and look for anyone else who gets in my way, exactly like Britney just did.

Delilah's POVEdit

I run around to find anything I can get my hands on. It was honestly a blast beating to death Daenerys or Emila, whatever her name was. I then go inside the house and go into the long hallway with all of our rooms. I walk into my room with a package on my bed that has my name on it. Heh, those bastards made life easier on me. I tear the paper that envelops the thing inside it. Once the paper's all torn up, I squeeze out whatever's inside. A gun looks upon me. Wow, the Capitol must like me! I then hear the intercom come back again with that little hoebag Lily's voice in it. "Tributes, tributes! So far, these games have been quite entertaining! I just forgot to remind you all that we will also be having sponsorship and that we will be having alliances this Hunger Games. So that means, you need to be as likeable as possible for the Capitol citizens to sponsor you and to be as likeable and trustworthy to your fellow tributes! Oh, and one last thing: I forgot to notify you all before that you're all in districts. The Peacekeeper told you all your districts right before you were placed on your pedestals. Just thought I'd put that out there. All right, may the Games continue!". The intercom fades out once again. I run in the kitchen of the house. Gosh, I forgot about the kitchen! I open up the fridge and find beautiful food. Sandwiches, chocolate cakes, pie, chicken, steak, pudding! I take as much food as I can get. But, in the corner of my eye I see something. Wait, not something... someone. I turn around. Then, straight in front of me is Ellie with two large bottles of poison in her hand, looking like she's about to pour them both straight in my mouth. I drop all of the food in my hands on the ground. "Game on, bitch" I say before we tackle each other to the hard ground. 

Justin's POVEdit

I sit in the corner of the family lounge. I clutch my sword in my hand. I am so afraid right now. It's beyond me how people would make other people do such a horrid thing to each other. I just can't kill my friends. It's not right. I look around to see if I have any surroundings. I peer out the window. I see Shan in the window across from me. She gives me a half smile. I trust Shan. I doubt she'd try to kill me. "I love you my little monsters!" Lady Gaga shouts near the pool. Shan then gets out a sleek, silver bow and arrow. At first, it looks like she's aiming it at me. I then realize she's pointing it downwards, near where Lady Gaga is. She shoots it straight through her head. I then witness Lady Gaga falling into the pool, her blood spreading throughout. The pool now doesn't even look like a pool. It looks like a bowl of red Kool Aid. I am in utter shock right now. I clap for a few seconds. Shan then giggles. I walk away and go into the kitchen. I see Delilah and Ellie tackling each other on the floor, blood smeared on the floor from how severely they're beating each other up. "Fuck you, you stupid twat!" Ellie says in a voice that literally startles me. "I never fucking liked you!!". The feeling of shock then hits me once again. I decide to intervene. "HEY! BOTH OF YOU BITCHES!" I say in a loud voice. That gets their attention. "Do you want to fucking beat each other up just because of these dipshits?". "No..." they both say at the same time. "Good. So get your shit together and stop this. We're all friends and I can't believe you both are going along with this whole thing" I say. They both stare at each other for a silent full minute. They then hug each other and cry, breaking the silence. After they've hugged it out, they wipe their tears and  move on. "Okay, first I want to kill all of these celebrities. We have a few to go. Then, I want us all to try to figure out how to escape. It may sound impossible, but I'm damn sure it's worth trying" I say. I feel so authoritative right now. They then obey me. "I'll get that transvestite people call Justin Bieber, you guys get the rest of those fucktards that people call One Direction. Is that a plan?" I say. They agree with me immediately. And with that, we run out of the kitchen to go kill the rest of these bitches that people think are so amazing.

Tom's POVEdit

This it total bullshit. I mean, seriously? A thing where we kill each other? How overrated. I'd prefer killing that little skank. What's her name again? Lulu? Ugh, whatever. Oh, scratch that. I wanna kill all of these celebrities also. But most importantly, I wanna protect my friends... despite how overrated this whole thing is. I get out my spear. I walk down to the pool. It's all red and shit. Ugh. Now how the fuck am I gonna get water? Do you fucking expect me to drink motherfucking Lady Gaga's blood? No thanks. I then see Melissa Benoist walking with Louis Tomlinson like they're on a damn honeymoon. I walk up from behind them and tap them both on the shoulder. "Hey there!" Melissa says with a bullshit smile. "What's up, mate?" Louis says with his retarded British or Scottish accent, whatever it really is. "Hey guys, sorry to interrupt your little honeymoon but news flash: we're in a motherfucking Hunger Games right now" I say. I'm honestly not in the mood for anyone's bullshit, especially from these dickheads. "So?" they both say. "Jinx!" Melissa says. I give them both the stink eye. "Well, this is what you're both gonna get if you don't play the game!" I say with a smile right before I stab them both with the spear. Once they go down, I realize that I actually stabbed Melissa in the boob, not the stomach. "What the fuck...?" she says while she's going through her blood loss phase on the concrete floor. Louis is already dead because I stabbed him in the stomach, so that's cool. Before I walk away and let her die, I just need to say something. "Awww, didn't you know that he was gay? Or at least I've heard!" I say with a chuckle. I then flip her off and skip towards the next celebrity I am going to kill to get one step closer to killing that skank named Lulu and protecting my friends.

Nadia's POVEdit

Okay, I'm still getting through my mind right now that we're in an actual Hunger Games. I find it so cool! I want to be like Clove, oh my gosh! I seriously love Lily for giving us this incredible chance to achieve such greatness. I look around to see if I can kill someone. To be totally honest with you, I'm not afraid to kill my friends. I wanna come out here victorious. I then see Jacob Artist running towards Nasia. I get behind a tree and get out my gun. I load it up and aim. I then pull the trigger. The bullet lands in Jacob's back and he falls to the ground, blood spurting everywhere. I then hide behind the tree so no one realizes that I shot him... especially Nasia. I try to be as silent as I possibly can. I hear Nasia weeping so loud, I'm seriously thinking about just going out there and shooting her also. "WHO THE FUCK DID THIS!?!?" she cries. I honestly wanna mess with her and since I'm beyond amazing at disguising my voice with no one realizing it's me, that's exactly what I decide to do. "I did..." I say in a low, raspy voice. "What the... WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?! SHOW YOURSELF SO I CAN MURDER YOU, YOU FUCKING SHITBAG!" Nasia screams. I really wanna get this party started... therefore, I get out behind the tree and show myself. "Peekaboo" I say before I get out my gun and shoot Nasia. But, Nasia actually dodges the bullet. Yes, she dodged it. "Not on my watch, bitch" she says before she gets out her axe and launches it into my chest. 

Joey's POVEdit

The sun starts to set. I walk over to Nadia's dead corpse. I don't mind her being dead. I walk to the pool. Redder than ever from the mother of monsters' blood. I see Nasia walk in the front of the house. "Hey!" I shout to her. "You okay?". "Yeah, little depressed that Jakey died" she says. I'm honestly happy that that little fucktard died. That's where I'm thankful for Nadia. And the reason for this is because I can now obviously get more of a chance with Nasia. We walk into the house together, chuckling. It starts to get pretty dark out. "Joey, I have something to tell you" she says. "Okay, go on" I say, sort of excited to see what happens. "Ummm... I really like you and I wanna be more than friends" she says. I'm not so surprised but I'm still so happy right now. She then leans in. We kiss for a good minute. I then hear a noise. A really weird noise. Sort of like a creaking noise. I can tell that it's from behind me. I turn around and see Delilah. "Haha, Justin didn't fully change my mind" she says before she gets out her gun. Before she gets the chance to shoot, she falls down. I see Justin right behind her, his sword in her back, going straight through her chest. "And this is what you get for not obeying me" Justin says, pissed off.

Brandon's POVEdit

I wake up to the sunshine all up in my face. I'm still pissed that Rae escaped from me. That bitch is going down. I have to avenge my Niall. I then hear the intercom go on. "Hello tributes! How was your first day? Did it feel long? Yes, it probably did! I am so glad we got a lot of kills-" before she can say anything else, Nasia interrupts her. "OF COURSE YOU ARE, YOU FUCKING TWAT!" Nasia screams. "Haha Nasia! You are a pathetic little skank." Lily says, chuckling. We aren't that shocked. We know by now that Lily is an evil little pipsqueak. "Okay back to what I was saying..." Lily continues. "Even though we still have a bunch of tributes left to go, I think it's wise we get the feast over with already. So, there will be a table with little bags with stuff in it near the pool to help you survive. And also.... haha, that's all! Good Luck tributes and may the odds be ever in your favor!" she says and the telecom fades out. I look around to see if Rae's nearby. And in the nick of time, I see her running to hide behind one of the bushes. I was thinking about going to the feast, but I'm just gonna ditch the idea for now. I'm so happy. I'm gonna kill this bitch! I sneak into the bushes. She doesn't see me. "Hey Rae" I say naturally. "AHH!" she screams. Before I can do anything, she gets out one of her grenades, pulls the pin and runs away like there's no tomorrow. I try to get out my throwing knife but I can't find it. I instantaneously forget the idea and run away. When I barely get a foot away from the grenade, I trip on one of my shoelaces. And before I can recover, the grenade explodes.

Shan's POVEdit

I make my way towards the table with the little bags filled with stuff that'll help me survive. I look towards Mark before we both run out to the table, risking our lives for something that'll eventually help us. "I love you" I say. He leans in and kisses me. I don't want it to end, but it does. "On the count of three" Mark says. "Okay" I reply. "One" he says. "Two" I say. "...Three..." he says before we run out to the table. Mark gets our bag and he runs to the direction he came from, me following him. But then, I see Justin Bieber and Harry Styles running out to the table, skipping and holding hands. "Omg Harry, wanna fuck tonight?" Justin asks. "Of course, babe!" Harry replys. Fuck this, I'm killing these bitches. "You get Harry, I get Justin" I whisper to Mark. He nods. We then run out towards them. As I run out to him, Justin's about to pull Harry's pants down, probably trying to blow him. "Haha, sorry that you won't get the chance to taste his dick!" I say before I shoot Justin in the temple with my arrow. "Ditto!" Mark says before he punches Harry, forces his mouth open and pours half a bottle of poison in his mouth. Mark and I then make out again, savoring this awesome victory.

Mark's POVEdit

I walk with Shan, holding her hand. I'm honestly so happy right now. We finally killed those hoebags. But this is really weird, we're barely seeing anyone here. Did they all die? Oh my gosh, did Shan and I win like Katniss and Peeta? Ugh, probably not. Okay, where did Shan go?!?!? "Mark!" she screams. I instantaneously get worried. Is she okay? I track her voice down. My senses lead me to the back of the house. Also known as the woods. I find a little space between the house and the fence. I squeeze my way through. I finally get to the back of the house. I then see everyone there, including Shan. But what I see that they're doing surprises me even more. 

Mark's POV (cont.)Edit

"What should we do to her?" Tyler shouts, obviously excited. "Nothing!" Lily screams. Nasia has her axe near Lily, obviously the whole "move or I'll kill you" sort of scenario. Same thing with all of the other little gamemakers aka fucking nerds who don't have a goddamn life but just like watching kids kill each other. Smooth. "MOVE OR I KILL YOU, BITCH!" Shan screams to one of the gamemakers. I told you! That's exactly what I just said and Shan just repeated it, right? Hahaha, I'm so awesome... I watch as the gamemaker cries her eyes out. "Cry, bitch, cry" Ellie says. "So yeah, what should we do to this bitch?" Tyler asks, normally. "NOTHING!" Lily screams, louder than ever. "Hey, shut the fuck up or I'll tear your brains out. It's that simple" Joey says. It obviously turns Nasia on by the look she has in her face. "Fuck this, I'm killing this twat" Nasia says before she swings her axe. I then watch as Lily's head falls off of her body, rolling like a bowling ball.

Ellie's POVEdit

I totally underestimated Nasia. That girl's one badass bitch! She first kills Nadia, who I never liked. And she now kills the little dimwit Lily! I jump up and down and cheer on Nasia as I see Lily's head laying on the floor. Before anyone else gets the idea to do what I'm thinking, I take Lily's head and go back near the pool. I throw it in the air, kick it, and it lands in the pool of Lady Gaga's blood. I go back where everyone else is. "What the fuck, Ellie....?" Tyler says. "Don't question me, bitch!" I snap back at Tyler. I honestly think Tyler's a little douchebag who deserved to get killed back when we were killing people. "Guys, stop fighting!" Justin shouts. "Justin, I will fucking kill you. First, you kill Delilah who I totally never got the chance to fuck and now you're acting all peacemaker" Tyler says. Justin, looking angrier than ever, lunges at Tyler but before Justin can do anything, Tyler kicks him in the nuts making him fall on the ground. Tyler then jumps on him, wrestler style. "STOP!" Joey yells. Ignoring Joey, Tyler repeatedly punches him until the floor is drenched with blood and Justin is definitely dead. I have now learned not to trust Tyler at all. After Tyler is all worn out, I sock him in the face making him fall to the ground. I then pour my whole bottle of poison straight down his mouth.

Nina's POVEdit

My jaw literally drops to the goddamn floor. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" I blurt out. "Sadly, we're not kidding you..." Shan says, quietly. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHAN!" I scream. "I'm not in the mood for this bullshit". Shan just shrugs. "Sweetie, calm down" Mau says to me. I take a deep breath and listen to him. "We should all really leave this place and find a new home..." Joey says. "No shit Sherlock" Tom says, sarcasm filled in his voice. Joey rolls his eyes. "Okay, here's what we're gonna do" Mau says, all authoritative. "We need to take the Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamberghini". "Damnnnn, I never knew we had that kind of shit!" I accidentally say. People are honestly gonna think that I'm some gold digger now, but I could care less. We all listen to Mau and head out of the house. As we start walking out, Shan loses her balance and falls into the pool of Lady Gaga's blood. Mark starts cracking up and puts his hand out for her when she comes back up from underwater... or should I say "underblood". Hahahaha, I'm too much. She then comes back up but she isn't the same as from when she went down. Her face is all mutilated and she roars like a pterodactyl. Nasia gets out her axe and quickly, without any hesitation, puts it straight through Shan's head. Mark falls to the ground, bursting into tears. "Nasia, you did the right thing" Mark says. "I know" Nasia replies. He starts crying even more now. "Guys... I'm going in the blood. I need to be up there with Shan" Mark says. "Are you sure?" we all say at the same time. "Jinx!" Tom shouts. "Shut the fuck up, Tom!" Ellie shouts. "Yeah, I'm sure. I just want you guys to get out of here and be safe. Let me just die and be with Shan" Mark says. "Okay" everyone replies. "JINX!" Tom yells. "Tom, I swear to god!" Ellie shouts. Everyone then hugs Mark, saying their last goodbyes. "Bye guys" Mark says. He then jumps into the pool of Lady Gaga's blood. We wait for him to come up to the surface. Once he comes up, his face looks all scrunched up and mutilated. He then lets out a roar, like Shan did. Once again, without any hesitation, Nasia slams her axe into Mark's head.

Mau's POVEdit

"Nasia, you're one badass bitch" I say, impressed. "I'm ashamed of it. Killing my friends like this. But still, what has to be done has to be done" she says. We all walk out of the house. Since there's only 8 of us, we decided that we only need the Porsche and Ferrari. And since each car can hold 5 people, Nina, John, Rae, Ellie, and I get in the Ferrari while Tom, Joey, and Nasia get in the Porsche. "Just follow our car" I say to Joey. "Gotcha" he says in reply. I get in the driver's seat of the car while Nina sits right next to me in shotgun. Ellie, John, and Rae sit in the back together. I turn on the radio and put on Ellie Goulding. "Ugh, this isn't music!" Rae blurts out. "Put on Coldplay". "Shut up, Rae" I reply. I then glance in the head mirror thing and see her middle finger. I chuckle. "I'm so glad we're finally out of there. I was about to turn all crazy being in something so sick like that" John says. "Definitely" Ellie replies. I finally pull in the parking lot for an expensive hotel. The valet guys open our car doors for us. "Well hubba hubba!" Rae says, almost the equivalent to a "Thank you" to the valet guys. We watch as the Porsche with Tom, Joey, and Nasia pulls in the parking lot. They get out and we all walk in the hotel. 

Nasia's POVEdit

This hotel is fucking awesome. A huge chandelier hangs from the ceiling and classy music plays. I see John looking at himself in the mirror. "John" I whisper. "Get your ass over here". He rolls his eyes and continues to look at himself in the mirror. I walk up to the check in place with everyone except for John, since he's still admiring himself in the mirror. "Hi there, my name is Stevia and how may I help you today?" the woman at the front desk asks. "WHAT THE HELL, WHOSE NAME IS STEVIA?!?!" Tom bursts out, laughing. Ellie joins in. Stevia rolls her eyes and continues. "Um, how many beds does a luxury suite have?" I ask. "5 beds, ma'am" Stevia replies. "Okay, then we'd like two luxury suites please" I say. "Okayyy... and are you affiliated with any important groups or such? Our hotels are free for anyone in that standing" Stevia says. "Well, we're apart of OFIBTY..... does that count?" I ask. "YES! IT DOES! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO EARLIER!?!" Stevia asks, probably shocked. I shrug. "Well okay, two suites and you have no balance today. Enjoy your stay!" Stevia says before she gives me two room keys. We all walk upstairs to where the suites are. The suites we have are only separated by a door, so that would be easy if the guys and girls needed quick contact. As we all walk in, the door that separates our rooms is open. Joey, Tom, and John come say good night to us. "Good night!" Tom shouts. But as they're all about to walk out the door that separates our suites, I see Lily come out and shoot John, Tom, and Nina all at once.

Rae's POVEdit

I stand in shock. How the fuck is this bitch still alive? "You little shits really though you could get rid of me so easily, right?" Lily says, in her usual bitchy tone. "I'd be careful if I were you. I still have my axe and I'm not afraid to slam it in your face" Nasia says. "Nasia. Ohhhhh Nasia. I never liked you. And you think you're so hip and cool, right?" Lily says. "Well, because I am hip and cool. Truth hurts, bitchhh" Nasia says. "Haha, you youngsters these days. I'll never understand you. With the whole Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and hashtags and 'swag' and 'yolo'" Lily says. "We're actually not as delusional as we look" I manage to say. "Oh really?" Lily replies. "Yeah" I say sarcastically along with a sarcastic smile. "You little fuckheads are lucky I'm not planting a bullet in all of your heads" Lily says. I look over at Mau. "Wait, can I ask how you got here and how you're still alive?" Joey asks. "Oh. Well, I am a programmed robot. If you shoot me or anything like that, I won't react. But if you slash my head off or something serious like that, which you all did to me, I reprogram after 4 hours. The only way to make me disappear for good and never reprogram and come back and just plain die is you have to seriously hurt me. An good example is what you guys did to me by chopping off my head. You then need to dig inside my body and find a button to click. Once you click that button, I'm gone for good. Oh, and I snuck in here. And yes, the reason how I knew you all were going to be in this hotel and this suite is because well... I have my ways" Lily explains. I then see Mau getting to the point where he can't hold it anymore. This is obviously because Lily killed Nina. And because of that, he loses all control. "YOU'RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT, BITCH!" Mau screams so loud, it startles me. He then strides towards her. "MAU!" Ellie screams, her voice filled with terror and fear. Before Mau can get any closer, Lily shoots him in the chest. I see Ellie cry. "If any of you decide to make poor decisions like that, that's what's gonna happen to you" Lily says, deviously as Mau's dead body lay on the floor. "I'll take my chances" Ellie says, her voice with determination before she opens a bottle of her poison, runs towards Lily and attempts to splash it in her face. But before she gets the chance to do that, Lily strikes her straight across the face. Joey then intervenes by punching Lily straight across the face. Lily recovers quickly and shoots Joey in the chest. After she's killed Joey, she looks at Ellie straight in the eye, while Ellie lay weakly on the floor. "Any last words?" Lily asks. "Good Luck with Rae and Nasia. You're gonna need it, you evil bitch" Ellie says before Lily shoots her straight in the chest. I can't believe I didn't do anything. I'm honestly so scared right now and I can tell by the look on Nasia's face that she is too. We're the only two people left out of all our friends. Nasia and I look at each other. She nods in confidence. I nod back, awkwardly. We then look over at Lily, who looks more ready than a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Nasia and I both stride towards Lily without any hesitation. I go as far away from Lily whilst Nasia is fighting her like there's no tomorrow. And right before Nasia gets her axe out to slash Lily's head off, Lily shoots Nasia straight in the face. I burst out crying. I'm the only one left. "Haha, you're one lucky person, Rae" Lily says. "Sit down, I have to take a piss.. and don't move or you'll regret it". I sit down. What she just said lights more fuel to my fire. I notice I have like 15 grenades left. I honestly should've taken more advantage of these. And now's the time to. I get out 5 grenades, place them on the floor, and pull all of the pins out of them really quickly. I leave the pins on the floor. Before I leave, I look at all of the dead bodies. The dead bodies of my friends. I then run out as quick as I possibly can. With being a good distance away, I make a ticking clock in my head until the grenades will go. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and.... 1 I think to myself. And right in the nick of time, the grenades go off. The sound is so loud, but I honestly think it's awesome. I run back inside the suite to see the damage I've done. Once I go inside, I notice that the bathroom door is locked. I'm so glad I took karate. I kick the door and it falls down like a domino. I then see all Lily's remains. But they're not even body parts I see. Obviously parts of a robot I'm seeing right now. And their isn't blood. Eh, whatever. I then spot a little remote looking thing on the right side of the toilet seat. While walking to it, I see the inside of the toilet. It's all yellow, obviously from Lily's piss. "Nasty ass bitch" I say out loud before I flush the toilet down. I pick up the remote looking thing and see a big, red button in the middle of it with the words on the bottom of it saying in big bold letters "PRESS BUTTON TO DEACTIVATE ROBOT". Without any hesitation what so ever, I press the button. I then hear a little ding noise. The noise goes away. An electronic voice then comes up on the button. "Thank you for deactivating your robot. You're robot is no longer in existence and is now extinct." I jump up and down with glee. "Serves you right, bitch" I say before I walk out of the bathroom. I walk out of the suite, getting one last glimpse of all my friends. Tears stream straight down my face. I walk down to the lobby. I see people panicking. Obviously because of the whole bombing thing. I don't give a shit though. I walk out of the hotel, looking as normal as possible. "Miss, weren't you the occupant of the Ferrari and the Porsche?" the valet guy asks. "Yes, but it doesn't matter. I feel like walking anyways. You keep them." I say with a smile straight across my face. The valet guy then hugs me so tight, I feel like I'm about to pass out. "Thank you so much Miss, from the bottom of my heart" the valet guy says. "Don't sweat it" I say cheerfully. I then walk out of the parking lot. I think about all of the weird times I had with my friends. I can't stand the fact that they're all dead and gone now. Nor the cruel way they all died. Suddenly, me being happy turns to me being angry. Then it turns to me being totally teary eyed. My eyes water, and the tears stream down my face so intense that I can't control it. My name is Rae. I was in this cruel act called the Hunger Games. And in that cruel act, I won but everyone else lost.

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