OFIBTY: The Movie


There is going to be a OFIBTY Movie coming out later in 2013!


I think some of us should all write different versions of the movie so that there are like (hopefully) 5-6 differnt movies and this will a lot of fun! Emoticon_laughing.png And we can have a contest to see who has the best movie if you guys want to.

John's MovieEdit

Genre: Drama

Plot: Ellie who is just beginning her Sophomore year at Burn-stone High School is not quite noticeable. So she will do anything to be popular. Even if that means not eating at all, and hooking up with the most popular guy at school. Joey, Ellie’s older brother, however is struggling moving out. He just recently graduated from college and can’t get a job ever since their parents died. So he is working to take care of his younger siblings Ellie, and Emmett. He gets very lonely and seeks for a girl. The story also follows Emmett, the younger brother who also has trouble fitting in at school. From being thrown into lockers to having spitballs in his face. How will these 3 make it out?

Mark's MovieEdit

It'll be a comedy, about two girls wanting to start a shop.


  • Delilah
  • Ellie

Ellie's MovieEdit

Title: Pandemonium
Genre: Thriller/Suspense


  • Delilah - a young prostitute prowling the streets in desperate search of cash; the disappearance of her friend sends her off the rails.
  • Nasia - also a prostitute, Nasia is Delilah's best friend who disappears without a trace.
  • Shan - the flatmate of Delilah and Nasia, and a celibate and humble girl who is disgusted by her mate's occupations. 
  • Tyler - one of Delilah's best customers; the main suspect of Nasia's disappearance and Delilah's crush.
  • Joey - another keen customer, he is Tyler's best friend and is extremely violent.
  • Mauricio - one of the club's main partiers, Mau is the main supplier of drugs on the street.
  • Tom - an innocent, geeky boy dragged off the rails by the prostitutes of the street. 
  • Andrew - the man behind the bar of the club.
  • Nadia - another prostitute seen several times.
  • Mark - a prostitute customer.
  • John - a prostitute customer.
  • Emmett - a prostitute customer.
  • Ellie - a heavy drinker in the club,


In the streets, drink, drugs and prostitutes prowl for their victims. Amongst the teenage crowd stands Delilah Peterston, a young hooker, who desperately tries to make money wherever she goes. Her cash flow constantly rises, but suddenly her best friend disappears, and when Delilah finds evidence on what happened one dark and dangerous night, her life is suddenly thrown into chaos.

Brandon's MovieEdit

Genre: Horror

Title: TBA


Delilah - the slutty cheerleader

Brandon - the gay cheerleader; bitch

Eloise - the shy sweet cheerleader

Nasia - the head cheerleader

Shan - the only nice cheerleader out of the whole group.

Nadia - one of the drunken cheerleaders; she is very jealous of the rest of the circle.

Joey - Shan's boyfriend, and the quaterback

Tyler - the drunk, horny best friend of Joey and boyfriend to Nasia.

Tiffany - the new cheerleader; who mysteriously dies.

Tom - Ellie's boyfriend; a movie nerd who knows technology.

Mark - the other best friend of Joey and Tom.


When a new girl named Tiffany joins the cheerleading squad, the team decides to play their annual new year prank on her; but when the group goes too far and she dies, they try and hide it for the sake of their senior year. Six months after the incident, one by one, the squad starts getting slashed by a figure who wears the mask of the girl (Tiffany) they killed. As they try to uncover the mystery of who the killer is, they are threatened with the possbile revelation of that "accident".

Some secrets are just too juicy not to tell, and these six cheerleader's have comitted the biggest crime of all, murder. When a annual team recruit go too far with a prank, a member dies; but don't worry, they're going to pay for their lies, bitching, and sins that they have done. One by one they will ALL die.

Mau's MovieEdit

Delilah's MovieEdit

Note: It may or may not be written in time
Title: Supernova
Genre: Thriller


  • Nasia as Nova Rose, an international pop star; main protagonist
  • Tyler as Captain Geoff McMaury, a detective put on the kidnapping case and Nova's love interest
  • Ellie as Veronica "Ronnie" Rose, Nova's 18-year-old little sister who gets kidnapped and held for ransom
  • Joey as Di, Ronnie's kidnapper
  • Andrew as Eric, Nova's abusive boyfriend
  • John as Wesley, Nova's money hungry manager
  • Shan as Maggie Rose, Nova's psychic mother who suffers from Alzheimer's
  • Tom as Roger, one of Di's henchmen
  • Mau as Leo, one of Di's henchmen
  • Brandon as Zachary, Nova's good friend who's openly gay
  • Nadia as Marina, Maggie's live-in aid who's from Indonesia
  • Mark as Liam, Marina's boyfriend
  • Delilah as Obsessed Fan, cameo


Supernova is about pop sensation Nova Rose (Nasia) trying to find the kidnapper (Joey) of her little sister Ronnie (Ellie) while still trying to balance her love life.