The OFIBTY Scream is based on the members of the wikia. It will be a mini-series and a whodunit series. It was created by BrandonLane, and is set to start airing soon.


It was announced by the head officials of OTVISBTY that they were looking for something fresh and different, a representative stated, "We were looking for something different from our TV station's line-up. We had all of these series' dealing with teenage drama, singing, and competition based shows. So we came together and decided that we wanted to make something new and bring a different kind of excitement to our viewers at home." BrandonLane was later interviewed by OFIBTY Times Weekly, stating, "I was approached to do something different. I initially pitched the idea of a film series based off of Scream, but they wanted something at home. A series that would bring mystery and difference opposed to straight up two hours of teenagers screaming and unmasking the villain. So, they wanted the viewers to constantly be thrown in different directions. It's an idea that I love and want to explore with the members at home who will have something new to look forward to on the Wikia." An official airdate and number of episodes hasn't been confirmed yet, but Brandon has announced more news as to when it will be released is in only a matter of time.

John has initially been approached last year to make a Scream production, but later dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and thus it was on hold for a year.

Death ChartEdit


Episode OneEdit

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