This is the page where the movie will happen. It will come out August 1st, 2013.


For years the heroes of many cities have protected their civilians from the countless evil doers who have wreaked havoc. Through the years though, a hero (Unique Physique) has rounded up a team who are strong enough to stop the new evil before there's nothing left to protect. 



  • Unique Physique portrayed by Emmet
  • T-Boy portayed by Tom
  • Tic-Toc portrayed by Justin


  • Cold Warrior portrayed by Mau


  • Nasia Artist portrayed by Nasia
  • Brandon Day portrayed by Brandon

Note: There are other villians who will appear, but they have a cameo in the ending. So, I don't want to spoil who they are. They will not be added to the cast list until after the movie is completed. :)


Summer 2013

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