Welcome, Welcome.

This is a new competition, and in order to win, you need to know well everybody on the wiki.

There will be an even amount of players, and they will be divided in two groups: The Couriers and The Receivers (this list will be kept secret). Lists will change every week. Every Receiver will have their own Courier, and the Courier will send messages to them each week (based on a given assignment) The point of the Receivers will be to discover their courier, and the point of the couriers will be to not be discovered. If at the end of the week, a courier isnt discovered, they will win 10 points, and if it is, they will get -10 points. If a receiver discovers their courier they will get 10 points, and of they dont they get -10.  The first receiver that guesses correctly will get 50 points, and if a courier is the last to be discovered or th only one that wasnt discovered they will get 50 points.Each week a contestant will get a by, since there is an odd amount of players.


Contestant Week 1 Total
Delilah 10 10
Ellie -10 -10
Joey -10 -10
John 10 10
Mark 10 10
Nasia 10 10
Tyler -10 -10


Week 1Edit

Couriers, your job this week is to tell your receiver a giulty pleasure of yours, that nobody knows. Receivers: you have one week to guess, and only 1 chance. The way this will work is you'll tell me your guess on PM, and couriers will tell me their messages on PM too. You wont know if youre right until the end of the week. In case everybody has guessed before the week ends, next round will start. Good Luck.



The Secrets Game -Week 1
 – 13:56(Wiki Clock). August, 23th, 2017

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is Bon Jovi



The Secrets Game -Week 1
 – 13:56(Wiki Clock). August, 23th, 2017

I'm in love with cute animals.



The Secrets Game -Week 1
 – 13:56(Wiki Clock). August, 23th, 2017

My guilty pleasure is Justin Timberlake


Week 2Edit

Couriers, your job this week is to pick two songs: One that you could listen to all day long...literally, and another one which if you heard it on the radio, you would immediately punch it. This time, you may change your answer, yet you wont know if ur right or wrong till the end of the week. Good Luck!



The Secrets Game -Week 2
 – 13:56(Wiki Clock). August, 23th, 2017

Love: "Arms" by Christina Perri, Hate: "Feel This Moment" by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera

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