This is where the story will be written. This series will be PG-13. A new episode will air every Thursday. :)

Episode Listings:Edit

  1.  Pilot
  2. The Perks of Being An Online Dater
  3. New Kids On The Block
  4.  Some Things Aren't Meant To Be
  5.  A Martini Please!
  6.  This Is Halloween
  7. Who Needs A Job?
  8.  Thanksgiving
  9. The New Roomate
  10.  The Post Break-Up
  11. The Double Date
  12. Stay Tuned After the Break


Main Cast:

  • Brandon Day
  • Shan Talhaoui
  • Delilah Beckingham
  • Tyler Presley
  • Justin Walker


  • Henry Wright
  • Tom Parker

Guest Stars:

Episode One: PilotEdit