Welcome once again to the Summer Wiki Awards for 2015!

Rule: You cannot vote for yourself >:)

Category Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee
Best User Deli Sean Shan Justin
Best New User Sarah Sam Alma Hannah
Best Friendship Nina-Deli Nina-Shan Sean-Shan Tyler-Sean
Best New Friendship Nina-Sam Sarah-Nina Henrik-Deli Shan-Monika
Biggest Flirt Nina Deli Justin Tyler
Best Fanfic GTNT TWD:NYC The Teenagers Santa Barbara
The Funniest Person Sean Deli Justin Nina
The Nicest Person Hannah Shan Nina Sean
The Sassiest Person Nina Deli Sean Justin
Best Hair Shan Leo Cael Needa
Best Selfie Nina Sarah Needa Shan
Horniest Tyler Nina Deli Justin
Most Adorable Nina Alma Leo Shan
Biggest Dork Shan Sean Leo Justin
Smartest User Sean Tyler Deli Archy
Honorary Award Shit Leo Says Shit Nina Says Shit Sean Says Shit Tyler Says

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