Carson Daly: Welcome to the Voice Battle Rounds!

Carson: first off we have Cory and Blake from Team Delilah singing bad romance by Lady Gaga

Delilah: You guys both did great, but Blake you had some pitch problems, sorry I’ll have to go with Cory.

Carson Daly: Next up from Team Tyler we have Damian and Kevin singing Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield

Tyler: Guys that was upbeat, and fun to watch. You guys both have a certain quality about you, but I think Kevin’s voice is a little more developed. I have to go with him sorry Damian.

Carson: Coming up next Ellis and Jenna singing On My Own from Les Miserables

Sam: Vocally you guys are both amazing, but Jenna has that extra umph that pushes her over the top I’ll have to go with her

Carson: With the last battle tonight we have Lindsay and Lily from Team Joey singing Always There by Incognito

Joey: WOW! You guys both popped out and have star potential. At this point I have to go with personal Preferance sorry Lily Lindsay is the winner

Sorry they sucked major balls tonight I’m busy and I needed to get a few out they will be better soon

Carson: Hello everybody welcome to the second round of battles. Firs off we have Paige and Melanie on Team Delilah singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody? by Whitney Houston

Delilah: WOW! That was the best battle round I’ve seen so far, but unfortunately I have to send Paige home. I just see more potential in Melanie

Carson: Coming up second we have Darren and Bryce from Team Tyler singing Tonight Tonight by Red Hot Chile Peppers

Tyler: I have to say Bryce you disappointed me. Darren really showed he has star potential tonight. Darren is the winner.

Carson: Next from Team Sam We have Melissa and Jake singing Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Sam: Okay Jake you ARE a sex-symbol and have an amazing voice, but I’ll have to go with Melissa

*Nasia throws tomatoes at Sam*

*Tyler hits steal button*


Carson: Okay that was the first steal of the season. Tyler has one left. The rest each have 2. ? For the last battle of the night we have Dani and Mckynleigh from Team Joey singing Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar

Joey: Guys that was SO AWESOME, but the winner is Dani

Carson: Okay, so tonight we had a nice crop of battles. Tune in tomorrow for more on The Voice