John, Nadia, and Shan are apart of the yearbook committee and we decided what goes to who :DEdit

Wiki YearbookEdit

To make sure everyone gets something...... We are making the wiki yearbook since it is summer time for most of us. Add some categories put up and we will get them sorted out.

Personality superlativesEdit

  • Calmest
  • Most mature
  • Least mature
  • Dirtiest Mind
  • Friendliest
  • Craziest
  • Class clown
  • Funniest 
  • Best Nicknames
  • Most random
  • Most Obnoxious
  • Most paranoid
  • Most creative

Physical Appearance superlativesEdit

  • Best Smile
  • Best eyes
  • Best Hair
  • Best Body
  • Best looking female
  • Best looking male
  • Most Unique Style
  • Most Photogenic

"Most likely to...."superlativesEdit

  • Most likely to take over the world
  • Most likely to have 10 kids
  • Most likely to be famous
  • Most likely marry for money
  • Most likely to become a model
  • most likely to become a Nun 
  • Most likely to cure cancer
  • Most likely to become comedian 
  • Most likely to succeed 
  • Most likely to win a lottery but lose the ticket
  • Most likely to get punch by Regina George 

"Biggest...." superlativesEdit

  • Biggest Drama Queen
  • Biggest flirt
  • Biggest Gossip
  • Biggest Party Animal
  • Biggest Ego
  • Biggest Poser

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