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This page is for the thoughts of each performance from The X Factor Fantasy.

Andrew's ThoughtsEdit

Week 1Edit

Jennel: Jennel, I am going to be honest with you. That was completely and utterly boring. I think you could have done it way better. Very disappointed. Emblem3: Okay guys, that was terrible. The song choice, the arrangement, your harmonies, I suggest start getting ready to go home. Samantha: Samantha, I know I may be bias but you just gave a great performance. I am very proud. Michael: I thought you were good. You weren’t incredible, but you were alright. Cher: Your stage presence was spot on. Excellent job. Little Mix: That was literally the best performance tonight so far! I see so much potential in you guys in making it on a record label. Delilah is making you guys into stars. Cassadee: You were outstanding. I think you are going to be here next week no doubt. Jacob: Okay Jacob, ummm… I am going to be honest. Very, very rubbish. You can do much better. Ella: Ella you have so much potential to be a star. I just didn’t see it tonight. Fifth Harmony: Okay. You guys were phenomenal! I think you just shut out everyone here tonight. I better see you guys here next week. Amanda: Amanda, I am so god damn proud to be your mentor. You just killed it. I am just speechless. Blake: That was the worst performance of tonight. I really think you are capable of more. Ellie I suggest you start fixing up your team because they were honestly the worst of tonight. Carly: Just when I thought it couldn’t get better. You came out and brought the house down. You are going to be in the Finals no matter what.

Week 2Edit

Delilah's ThoughtsEdit

Week 1Edit

Jennel: I just thought it was completely boring, it was the wrong song choice, i just hated it. Emblem3: you guys did great, but i believe you guys can do way better than that performance you just gave. Samantha: Good, but expecting more. Michael: I feel the song wasn't the best choice and that with a performance like that, you won't make it too far. Cher: Loved it, and your attitude was the cherry on top, just amazing. Little Mix: You were amazing, you had loads of energy, and it was just overall fun watching you. Cassadee: I feel the song wasn't Cassadee but you still did a good job. Jacob: I think the song didn't fit you as an artist and I'm worried for you. Ella: Loved it, you are gonna be a star hun. Fifth Harmony: I'm actually speechless, words cannot describe how f***ing awesome that was. It was obviously the best performance of the night. Amanda: It was good, that's really it though. Blake: You had really bad pitch problems hun, and on stage you just looked a little awkward, sorry babe. Carly: I actually teared up a little, it was that amazing. Bravo! And you're only 13, wow, I can't believe that.

Week 2Edit

Cassadee: Cassadee, it was good, but I was really expecting more from you. What I'm wondering is where'd the Cassadee we met in auditions go? Blake: Hun, I gotta say it wasn't that good, you didn't really improve at all from last week and I think you should pack your suitcase. Ella: Wow girl, that was really good actually. Trust me, Kelly's hard to sing but you really did the song justice and made it your own, good job! Little Mix: Girls, you know that I love you, and because of that I can give you actual criticism. Ok, it wasn't what I thought would happen, you seemed out of breath and the song is very hard to sing live because of Ke$ha's unique style, I believe in you girls and doubt you'll have to worry this week, but just remember that next time. Amanda: I was very impressed Amanda! And that's Adele, like really...she's almost impossible to sing, so very good job babe. Jacob: I'm sorry but that wasn't too good, I'm worrying for you again but I'm honestly thinking Ellie might be guiding you in the wrong direction with these songs. Carly: Very good Carly, that was amazing. I love how you took this uptempo, dance song and made it into a ballady beautiful, track. Props to you! Fifth Harmony: Oh. My. God!!!! Girls that was so amazing! You left me speechless! Just, another amazing night, great job. Samantha: Sammy, that wasn't too hot, it was pitchy, and all over the place. Sorry, but I think you should pack your suitcase. Michael: Michael, that was surprisingly...good. I really liked it actually. Cher: Girl, I hope you know that I love you, but it wasn't too good. I think you'll be safe this week but next time you really need to step up your performance.

Eloise's ThoughtsEdit

Week 1Edit

  • Out sick

Week 2Edit

Manuel's ThoughtsEdit

Jennel: Jennel that was incredible i totally felt your rock a roll vibe, i do think we need to work on your vocals more but it was great, and i believe in you so much. Emblem3: Wow guys the beginning of the song was great, but after that it just didnt work anymore. That was probably the worst performance throughout this competition. I agree with Andrew, you guys might need to pack your bags. Samantha: Thats was great Sam, well done.

Week 2Edit

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