Season One of the X Factor has started!

The show is hosted by Lily and uses Delilah, Nasia, Mark, and Tyler as judges.

Judges and hostsEdit

Season 1 judges

There was much speculation as to who would judge the show. John, Mau, Shan, Ellie, Justin, and Brandon were all considered for judging positions but were not awarded the spot. Joey was originally offered a judging position but he declined the offer and was replaced by Tyler. It was revealed in late-May that judges would be Delilah, Nasia, Mark, and Tyler. The next day it was announced that Lily would host the show.

Contestants Eliminated at Judges' HousesEdit

Contestants Eliminated at Judges' Houses

Category (Mentor) Acts
Girls (Delilah) Rita Ora, Rihanna
Boys (Mark) Ed Sheeran, Conor Maynard
Groups (Nasia) JLS, Metric
Overs (Tyler) Shakira, Paul McCartney


These are the 12 contestants that went into the judges' houses stage

Category (Mentor) Acts
Girls (Delilah) Lana Del Rey Ellie Goulding Kate Nash
Boys (Mark) Darren Criss Jacob Artist Frank Ocean
Groups (Nasia) Little Mix Moje 3 The Saturdays
Overs (Tyler) Chris Martin Freddie Mercury Carrie Underwood

Judges' Houses PerformancesEdit

Theme: Free choice

Team Delilah (Oslo, Norway)
Act Order Song Result
Lana Del Rey 1 "Your Love Is My Drug" Advanced
Rita Ora 2 "Teenage Dream" Eliminated
Ellie Goulding 3 "Jóga" Advanced
Rihanna 4 "I Will Always Love You" Eliminated
Kate Nash 5 "Naive" Advanced
Team Mark (New York, New York)
Act Order Song Result
Frank Ocean 1 "Climax" Advanced
Ed Sheeran 2 "New Soul" Eliminated
Conor Maynard 3 "Baby" Eliminated
Jacob Artist 4 "Pictures of You" Advanced
Darren Criss 5 "Love Somebody" Advanced
Team Nasia (Malibu, California)
Act Order Song Result
Little Mix 1 "Smile" Advanced
The Saturdays 2 "Put Your Hearts Up" Advanced
Moje 3 3 "Whataya Want from Me" Advanced
Metric 4 "Heart-Shaped Box" Eliminated
JLS 5 "All the Right Moves" Eliminated
Team Tyler (Los Angeles, California)
Act Order Song Result
Chris Martin 1 "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" Advanced
Shakira 2 "La Bamba" Eliminated
Paul McCartney 3 "Maggie May" Eliminated
Freddie Mercury 4 "Unchained Melody" Advanced
Carrie Underwood 5 "Put Your Records On" Advanced

Live ShowsEdit

Results ProgressEdit

Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Round 1 Round 2
Jacob Artist
Darren Criss
Lana Del Rey
Ellie Goulding
Little Mix
Chris Martin
Freddie Mercury
Moje 3
Kate Nash
Frank Ocean
The Saturdays
Carrie Underwood
Judges voted to: Eliminate
Final Showdown No Final Showdown
Delilah No judges vote
Mark No judges vote
Nasia No judges vote
Tyler No judges vote

Live Show DetailsEdit

Week 1Edit

Theme: Made in America

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
Little Mix 1 "Heart Attack"
Carrie Underwood 2 "Maybe It Was Memphis"
Darren Criss 3 "Drive By"
Ellie Goulding 4 "The Broken Ones"
Moje 3 5 "Firework"
Freddie Mercury 6 "Hallelujah"
Frank Ocean 7 "Blurred Lines"
Lana Del Rey 8 "Say Aah"
The Saturdays 9 "When I Grow Up"
Chris Martin 10 "Hello"
Jacob Artist 11 "Just Give Me a Reason"
Kate Nash 12 "Yoü and I"
Final showdown details
Act Order Song Result

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