Thomas-Shan Relationship
Shipname Shomas/Than
Status Friends
First met

The Thomas-Shan Relationship is the friendship between Thomas and Shan. They are often referred to as Shomas or Than.


Quotes Edit

Tom: *dancing to blurred lines*
Shan wants to get nasty

Shan: NO I DON'T
Actually yea I'll get nasty in a second, I'll punch your face


  • They skype each other a lot.
  • Their longest skype call was 24:53:01
  • Have been in a constant sticker war on meetme since they first met
  • Always profile stalk each other
  • Shan always messages Thomas first
  • Shan asked Tom out but he put her on hold
  • Finchel 2.0
  • Thomas has shown Shan his junk (she said it was big),

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