Tom-Eloise Relationship
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Shipname Tellie
Status Best Friends
First met TGP wiki

The Tom-Eloise relationship is the relationship between Tom and Eloise. They are often referred to as Tellie or Telly.


Tom and Eloise (Ellie) met on The Glee Project wiki, where the two didn't often talk much but were still friends. Tom began to help Ellie with her favorite online game, "Slender", and he is probably the reason she has won so many games. The pair's friendship gradually grew as this wiki was created, and it was only when Tom asked Eloise to wiki prom (which she turned down, then she asked him and he accepted) that the relationship really grew. They decided to break up on 28th February, 2013.


Tom: Erm, the person I was going to ask to prom was...
Ellie: Who? Go on, I won't spill.
Tom: You.
Ellie: Me?
Tom: You, Elly, you....
Ellie: Oh god, this is awkward. I was thinking of asking you before I agreed to go with Sam and Delilah.

Tom: So, am I the reason of why did you win so many Slender games? Emoticon_silly.png
Ellie: Haha, yeah, probably.
Tom: That makes me feel important.
Ellie: You are important. Emoticon_heart.png


  • Ellie was originally going to ask Tom to prom before she agreed to go with Sam and Delilah.
  • The two went to prom together.
  • They were the "sweetest" relationship, according to Sam.
  • They are both immense fans of horror games, especially the game Slender.
  • They're really good friends Emoticon_happy.png