This Fall a new reality series is coming to OFIBTY TV! Total OFIBTY Island follows fourteen contestants who will battle for the ultimate 100,000 dollar prize. These fourteen members will be split into a two teams of seven. Each week the teams will endure a dangerous and adrenaline pumping challenge. The team that does the worst will meet up for a elimination ceremony. Where the team will vote out the contestant they feel has done the worst. Tune in for the twist and turns that follow the drama. Who will win and become the ultimate champion? Tune in for Total OFIBTY Island!

Season One ContestantsEdit

  1.  Shan Hale
  2.  Joey Mitchell
  3.  Tom Parker
  4.  Nina Redfield
  5.  Justin Dixon
  6.  Mau Hawthorne
  7.  Brandon Day
  8.  Nasia Williams
  9.  Tyler King
  10.  John Walker
  11.  Lily Miller
  12.  Delilah LeBlanc
  13.  Rae Smith
  14. Jessy Star


This section will be for the top seven.

  1. Delilah LeBlanc
  2. Nasia Williams
  3. Nina Redfield
  4. Jessy Star
  5. Justin Dixon
  6. Rae Smith
  7. Brandon Day

Top ThreeEdit

  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA


  1. TBA


The Ferocious SharksEdit

  1. Joey: OUT
  2. John: OUT
  3. Rae
  4. Nina: OUT
  5. Tom: OUT
  6. Shan: OUT
  7. Lily: OUT

The Mini CoopersEdit

  1. Delilah 
  2. Justin 
  3. Mau: OUT
  4. Jessy 
  5. Brandon
  6. Nasia 
  7. Tyler: OUT


  1. Welcome To Camp
  2. The Not So Scuba Divers
  3. The Almost Happy Couples
  4. America Votes
  5. An M For Merger
  6. The Not So X-Factor
  7. They'll Be Coming Up the Mountain, Here They Go
  8. Murder Mystery
  9. Castaway
  10. The Ultimate Who Done It Trivia Game!
  11. Soon There Will Be One 


The EliminatorsEdit

  • Delilah LeBlanc
  • Jessy Star
  • Mau Hawthorne: OUT
  • Nina Redfield: OUT

The QuakersEdit

  • Nasia Williams
  • Justin Dixon
  • Brandon Day
  • Rae Smith

The Fallen ContendersEdit

  1. Nina Redfield
  2. Tyler King
  3. Tom Parker
  4. Lily Miller
  5. Joey Mitchell
  6. Mau Hawthorne
  7. Shan Hale
  8. John Walker


  • There is speculation that there will be at least one double elimination.
  • An episode might have no elimination, and just a reward.
  • The two teams name's are as listed: The Ferocious Sharks and The Mini Coopers.
  • The host has been confirmed to be Simon Cowell.
  • Relationships could possibly form.
  • A contestant might return.
  • There are Immunity statues, which if found and achieved, will keep you from elimination in one round.
  • Many of the contestant's follow each other on Twitter. Although, none seem to be following Delilah.
  • An Interview with Simon revealed that loads of drama is going to go down.
  • In the super tease, it showed Joey and one of the girls kissing. It's unclear who because you can only see the back of her head.
  • Also, Delilah was seen on a cliff yelling at a contestant.
  • A challenge will consist of the contenders getting married, and having to answer trivia about one another.
  • The top seven will be shocking and different.
  • There will be a point in which the teams will merge, and it will be everyone for themselves.
  • It had been confirmed that there will not be a double elimination. Even worse, it's been confirmed that America will vote the four contenders who will be sent packing. >:D

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