Tyler-Delilah Relationship
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Shipname Tylilah
Status Best Friends
First met TGP Wiki
On the family tree Half-Siblings

The Tyler-Delilah Relationship is the relationship between Tyler and Delilah. They are commonly reffered to as Tylilah or Dyler.



  • They fight like all the time.
  • They have radically different political views.
  • They disagree on 95% of topics.
  • Their relationship is a combination of Michael/Lindsay, and Michael/GOB.
  • They both love dogs, and think they are superior to cats.
  • They both love The Office and Arrested Development.
  • There's a strong possibility they might be related through Delilah's birth mom.
  • After fighting constantly they managed to bond over things they had in common and have become one of the closest friendships on the wiki.
  • They both always give advice to each other for their real lives.
  • Their relationship originally was husband/wife but has since become more brother/sister.
  • They both come from Polish families.
  • Their home states are sister states, with Delilah being from New York and Tyler being from New Jersey.
  • They agree that Italy has the best national cuisine.
  • Tyler once asked Delilah about her period.
    • It made her uncomfortable.
  • They often stay up until the early morning together just talking about life and asking each other random questions.

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