The Saturdays - Up03:32

The Saturdays - Up

Up and Away Theme Song



Holly- Up and Away

10 contestants willhave to live in a 8 story, glass house. But there is a catch. They will only be one story available. The next story will be available when someone leaves the house. They will compete in competions to see who goes to the next story high. The person who makes it to the 8th story, will win $500,000!




Occupation Rank Date Eliminated
Brandon 15 Student
Delilah 17  Waitress
Mark 19 Waiter
Nadia 14 Waitress
Nasia 16 Student
Shan 16 Student
Tiffany 22 Teacher
Tom 18 Student
Mystery TBA TBA
Mystery TBA TBA

Contender Progress Chart  *Edit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Mystery  x
Mystery x
Brandon IN
Delilah IN
Mark IN
Nadia WIN
Nasia IN
Tiffany IN

 WON  This contestant won Up and Away.
 2ND  This contestant came in 2nd place.
 SAFE This contender was automatically saved for being the mystery person in the competition.
 WIN  This contender won the challenge.
 HIGH  The contender was saved and had the least amount of votes to be nominated.
IN The contender was not at risk of elimination.
 RISK  This contender received a high number of votes for elimination and was at risk of being eliminated.
OUT  This contender was eliminated from the competition recieved the most votes and was eliminated. 

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