.........Joey and Nadia are on the block......

Julie: By a vote, of 4 to 3............ Nadia, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Shan DR: WTF!!! NADIA WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO GO! *crys* I have no one.

Tyler DR: I'm so happy that Joey's still in this house. This means jury.... Now all we need to do is win this this HoH to make sure that Mau goes out the door in an hour.

Julie: Everyone please go to the backyard for the HoH competition.

(Everyone goes outside)

Julie: In this competition, I will name a statement an evicted said during their eviction speech. The answer will either be one of the following......  Ellie, Andrew, Nasia, Nadia, or none. The person with the most points after 5 questions will be the new HoH. Are you ready? 

Question 1: Who said, "I wish you all grew a dick."

The correct answer is, ELLIE!

Everyone except Mark gets a point.

Question 2: Who said, "I love you Deli!"

The correct answer is NASIA.

Only Deli gets a point.

Deli:  -_-

Question 3: Who said: "Fuck you! I'm moving to Canada."

The correct answer is NONE. 

Deli, Tyler, and Mau get a point.

Question 4: Who said: "I will always love you guys."

The correct answer is NADIA.

Everyone got it right except Mark.

Question 5: Who said "This sucks. If you save me, I will let you suck my dick."

The correct answer is ANDREW.

Tom and John get a point. 

Julie: Which means...... With 4 points, congratulations Deli, you are the new Head of Household!


(everyone goes to living room)

Julie: Delilah, you have to name two nominees RIGHT NOW!

Delilah: I nominate...... Shan and Tom.

Julie: Shan and Tom, please take a seat in the nomination chairs. 

  • to audience*

When we come back, the Power of Veto will take place.... So stay tuned.




Julie: Welcome back. During the break the house guests picked players for the veto competition. Playing in the PoV is Delilah, Shan, Tom, Mark, Tyler, and Brandon.

(to house guests)

Julie: This competition is called "Somewhere Over The Veto". You will run down your lane and jump into a pot of gold. Inside, there are 2 clovers and when you find them take them down to the other side of your lane. When you are finished, hit the buzzer. Here's the catch. You can only take one charm at a time. Understand?

ok. Ready, set, GO! 

  • They're off*

Tyler is te first to jump in the pot of gold. Followed by Deli, Tom, Mark, Shan, then Brandon.....

Tom is the first to find a clover followed by Mark, Shan, and Delilah. Everyone struggles finding one. 

Brandon accidentally knocks a clover out of his lane and doesn't notice

But, Brandon finds a clover

When he is running back, he sees the clover that fell out and gets it

But, Deli has found her second clover and races to hit the buzzer with Brandon not far behind

Julie: OH! And, congratulations Delilah you have won the Power of Veto!

Delilah: Hell yeah!

  • Tyler whispers something in her in ear*
  • Deli nods and and smiles*

(back in the living room)

Julie: Delilah, since you won the Power of Veto, you can take one of the nominees off the block, what do you want to do?

Delilah: Well you guys had a chance to play and you didn't win so I'm gonna leave the noms the same.

Julie: Ok, since Delilah did not use the Power of Veto, the eviction will take place right now. And, Brandon, you are up first.

(he goes to DR)

Brandon: Hi Julie! I vote to evict Tom.

(Mau walks in)

Mau: I vote to evict Tom.

(John walks in) 

John: I vote to evict Tom.

(Tyler walks in)

Tyler: I'm gonna start some drama in the house and vote to evict Shan.

(Mark walks in)

Mark: R0FL!!!!! OMG So I'm gonna vote to evict, dat dumb bitch Tom.

(Joey walks in)

Joey: Julie, you look sexy tonight but I vote to evict Tom.

(Joey walks out)

Julie: House guests, the votes are in. The person evicted right now, will be the first jury member.

By a vote, of 5 to 1....... Tom, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

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