So I got this little idea from the Glee wikia. It was in the comments on Wonder-ful. Basically someone on there asked if you were in the same universe of Glee who would you date, be friends with, enemies, etc. So here's the comment I left as an example. Feel free to copy the questions and answer about yourself. :)

  • Best Friend: Unique.
  • Other Close Friends: Kitty, Quinn, Santana, Tina, and Kurt.
  • Enemies: Marley (sometimes), Blaine, Rachel, and Finn.
  • Love Interest: Sam my junior year, but I'll end up cheating on him with Ryder. I would go out with Karofsky for awhile, until Ryder wanted me back. Puck and I will have a one night stand, and probably never speak again. 
  • Prom Date: Sam.
  • Mortal Enemies That I Make Up With Before Graduation Because Why Not: Rachel (I'd forgive her for always hogging the lime light, and realizing that it's all she had because I was popular and she was jealous of me. ;) 
  • Things I'd probably do: Steal the head cheer-leading position from Quinn and Santana. Win Prom Queen or King (I'm a gay guy). I would constantly try and ruin Rachel's life. Break Finchel up. Destory Blaine's chances of having any good solos. >:) 

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