First, I'd like to say. I decided to make this because I've noticed that typically a Glee Project inspired competition fanfiction is usually never finished. So I decided to write one. Okay, so everyone probably has heard of my series The Harmonics. And it occured to me that I should have a competition series, like The Glee Project. I will have tweleve hopefuls compete for a role on The Harmonics. With Shan the vocals, Mark directing, and Nasia the choreographer. Each week there will be an assignment, of course. There will be a bottom three, and so fourth. Hopefully you get everything. The winner would recieve a introductory storyline for season two.  

Audition Form:







Themes You'd Be Worst At:

Themes You'd Be Best At:

Out of the three: Acting, Dancing, Singing, which would you consider your best?:

Any Other Info?:


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