So, as most know there was some drama with my old fan-fic that I launched called The Glee Factor. A TGP wikian stold my ideas, so now I'm re-launching it. It will be completely changed. While some of the rules still comply, there will be many differences. You will create a character, who will compete with twelve others to win a record deal. There will be four judges on the panel. In the end, two contenders who do the worst will have a diva-off to try and impress the judges for safety. The contender who wowed the judges the most each week, will not have to perform in the next week. Making them automatically safe that week.

Audition Form:






Musical Backround & Vocal Range:

Audition Song:

Songs to perform later on:

Why they should win:

Romance on show (Yes/No):

This will not be on wiki, I don't know how to make one, so this will all be done on here. I will make a blog page for spoilers once things get going. :)

Confirmed Cast:

  • Isha Macks

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