So this is a competition to see who is the best writer! I know most people on this wikia likes to write, so hopefully most of y'all will audition. So bascially I will have writing assignments each week that have to be completed within whatever date I give. I will choose the winner by who does the best with that theme! They will be safe from elimination. I will have a bottom three, the three who didn't really inspire me as much, and will have to re-write the theme's assigment. The worst of the three will go home.

Audition Form:



Why You Should Win:

Other Info:


  • No plagerism.
  • Do NOT re-use any HWA that you might have used on another project.
  • Leave your HWA on the comment section.
  • If you can't do the assignment because it's too hard, you will be in an automatic B3.
  • Please talk to Manny, Delilah, or I if you have a problem with the due-date or can't do the assignment that week.
  • Don't cause drama if eliminated, it doesn't mean you're a bad writer!


The first theme should be easy, it's writing a poem!

Due Date: 11/30/12

Eliminated: TBA


The remaining contenders must write a romance, but it has to be involving them and one of the other contenders that I have assigned them to write a love story about.




Due Date: TBA

Eliminated: TBA


Write a story that is emotional! Something that can touch the readers heart!

Due Date: TBA

Eliminated: TBA


Write a fan-fic of any one of your favorite shows!

Due Date: TBA

Eliminated: TBA


The final two contenders must prove their abilites once and for all. You have to create an inspirational character for Glee. This will require the character being based off you, and it will have to be a FULL episode of this which will require you to introduce your character to the season four Glee cast!

Due Date: TBA


Runner Up:

Confirmed Contenders (So Far)






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