Characters (by Tyler and I): 

Justin- Weapon: Guns. Justin is a high school student. 

Tyler- Weapon: Crossbow. Tyler owns a weapons store, he then joins the group. He's a badass redneck.

Lily- Weapon: Katana. Lily is surviving on her own, and then joins the group. 

Nasia- Weapon: Guns. Used to be head cheerleader. Sweet and bluby.

Rae- Weapon: Bombs, fire artifacts. A piromatic woman. 

Brandon- Weapon: Slayer. Used to be a high school student, he slowly matures through the apocalypse.

Katy-Weapon: Knives. Bitchy cheerleader. 

Delilah- Weapon: Sword. A mother, victim of abuse, who just lost her child. Wife of Ned. 

Mauricio-Weapon: Guns. A high school student. 

Manuel-Weapon: Knives. Football player. Joey's bestfriend

Ned-Weapon: Baseball bat. Delilah´s husband, cruel. 

Joey-Weapon: Pipe. Former QB. Boyfriend of Nasia. Manuel's bestfriend

Tom- Weapon: Axe. Has been suriving on his own after he lost his family, then found the group. 

Ellie- Weapon: Arrow. She`s part of the high school. 

Shan- Weapon: Guns. Ellie`s best friend, former actress.

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