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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    Bye then, I suppose.

    December 2, 2012 by DrewlovesKuinn

    Well, suppose this is goodbye. None of you really want me here and I don't want to be here either. So I guess this is farewell. Wish you all the best in life.

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  • DrewlovesKuinn

    This is updates on what happened each day, BTW read this in the "voice" :P (Written at the end of every day or the day after)

    This blog is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, just to be funny! (Black Humor *cough* Elly *cough*)

    "So, here's what you missed on OFIBTY. The competition is heating up for The Users Challenge after Manny and Drew and partly Sam had a small fight about allowing alliances, which Manny was totally against, but they sort of made up but stuff is super awkward between them.

    Manny stepped down as head of the Users Challenge and now it's Tyler, who wants to make the whole thing about Shanna. So strange.

    While still talking about the competition, Drew and Sam have become friends like super fast! So strange, but no one's comp…

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