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    Quick Update

    October 3, 2015 by ForeverBritish

    Just a little quick update, you've probably noticed that I haven't been on much. I've been going through a tough time recently and I haven't been feeling to great mental/emotional/physical wise so I've been spending some time alone, watching gameplays.

    Not sure when I'll be on chat/skype again but I will when I feel ready.

    I hope you guys understand

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  • ForeverBritish

    Lately I've been adopting a lot of people

    The people I have adopted include:

    • Nina
    • Alma
    • Anamarija
    • Karla
    • Monika
    • Mia
    • Isaiah

    This list will probably grow but who knows?

    Sidenote: My mum adopted my friend Rachel heh

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  • ForeverBritish

    You guessed it! The Summer Awards are back!

    I'm creating this blog to let you guys know that we're hosting another summer awards! and you will be able to suggest categories. You can suggest as many as you want and I will let you guys know when we have all the ones we want.

    1. Best User
    2. Best New User
    3. Best Friendship
    4. Best New Friendship
    5. Biggest Flirt
    6. Best Fanfic
    7. The Funniest Person
    8. The Nicest Person
    9. The Sassiest Person
    10. Best Hair
    11. Best Selfie (This category is only for people who have linked a picture of themself or people have seen what they look like)
    12. Horniest
    13. Most Adorable
    14. Biggest Dork
    15. Smartest User

    We have all the categories we need!

    I will let you guys know when nominations for each category will end!

    4 nominations for each category only!

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  • ForeverBritish

    Cancelling the whole thing because some people don't know how to play fairly and decide to abuse certain aspects of the whole thing. :|

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  • ForeverBritish


    August 9, 2015 by ForeverBritish

    The title is pretty self-explanitory really

    I've had a lot going on in my mind the past couple days, to the point where i'm loosing sleep over it because my mind is either going at 100 miles an hour or nightmares, it's fucking with my mind and I need to take a break to clear my head, idk how long i'll be gone for, and I won't be getting on skype or fb much, i'll still be on tumblr if you wanna talk since tumblr is one of the websites i can't seem to get away from.

    None of you have done anything wrong and there is no blame pinned to anybody, I just need to get the cloud to go.

    It may seem sudden but eh, I really do love you all and I know you're there for me if I need anything.

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