People Like Us is a mini fan-fic based on the book The Outsiders. There will only be 11 episodes tops, and it will take place in Illinois during the early 60s. There are two main gangs: The Greasers and the Socs (pronounces sOshes). For this fanfic I need more guys than girls, and more greasers than socs, so keep that in mind when auditioning. Also, this is the early 60s so please make it realistic for that time period. Nothing too crazy. Also if I don't accept your character don't take it personal. You just make shitty characters. I'll need some badasses, some not so badass guys. Some polite guys, etc. 

Audition Form





Greaser or Soc:

Celeb Portrayer:


PS The Socs and Greasers HATE each other. So keep that in mind

PSS The Socs are the up-classed rich privliged group, The greasers are the downtown bad boys, who Socs think are bad, and "unworthy" for lack of a better word.

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