Okay so there has been alot of drama going on. From what I understand It started with a question on then it started a shitload of things. The reason I am making this blog is because this all needs to stop. Let me start off by saying I love and im not asking you to shut them down. Anyways Im not gonna name any names but from what I understand this one person (We'll call him Januel) Anyway Januel told another user (We'll call her Jhan) that she was tearing people apart or driving a wedge or some shit like that. Now everyone's mad at Januel (ik i probably dont know the whole story). But I am asking for you all to forgive Januel. This is becoming a problem now with people just getting pissed and avoiding one another. Please forgive anybody you are mad at. Not just Januel or Jhan. When you get mad at somebody your heart gets filled with hate. When you refuse to forgive somebody all you are doing is trying to drive away the hate in your heart with more hate, but You can't drive out hate with more hate, Only love can do that. And when you forgive somebody your soul gets set free and your heart gets filled with love.  

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