Hello everyone. First off let me congratulate Manuel, Delilah, Tom, Nasia, and Shan on making it to the final 5! I know what you're thinking. "Only 3 more rounds till the finals! Yay!" Well You would be 110% wrong! There is only one more round until the finals! There will be a double elimination and here's how it will work. You will all be creating a family tree for all of us. I will choose the winner 70% of it is based on how neat and put together it is. The other 30% is on how i like the relationships, families etc. It will be using OFIBTY users. It must include all active users. The winner will be automatically in the finale. They will then choose to save someone else into the finale. Then the 4 judges (Me, Andrew, Joey, and Elly) will choose who we want to put through to the finale out of the remaining 3. We will be then left with 3 people for the finals. >:D Have Fun!

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