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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    New Fan Fic IDEA!

    January 25, 2013 by LacKdaiSicaL

     So i wanted to express a new fan fic idea....this is just for fun! btw. Okay anyways...It will feature 12 contestants.....divided in 2 groups...the Females and the males. We have a shortage of girls on the wiki so....if Ellie, Nasia, Delilah, Shan, Julia/Elektra sign up....i will add one female from tgp s2 or s1. Anyways the competition is to find your best friend on the wiki.....Each week....There will be Guy elimination days, and then female elimination days. On guy elimination team.....the team must decide who the want to save (if you cant will be taken to public vote)...this person will not be at risk. Then the girls will nominate 2 guys to go into elimination (again, if you cant agree then public vote)....

    1 week example: I…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL


    January 9, 2013 by LacKdaiSicaL I found this....the blog was just posted not to long ago. Glee is getting a 5th season like 97% sure. They said Glee also has a possiblity of a season 6! This means we might get TGP 3 after all at about! LETS ALL SCREAM!

    Abraham as of now is speculated to be the tgp contestant that will appear on glee! DUMB NO GLEE FREAKING SUCKS -_-

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Special Message :D

    December 14, 2012 by LacKdaiSicaL

    This message is for certain people of this wiki, who are truly amazing. Since the holidays our coming up, i have decided to write a few of you special messages. So I hope you enjoy, please do not get upset if i don't write a special message to you.

    Joey- Hello Joey, from the first moment we meet on tgp wiki you were such a great person. You were devoted to the wiki as if it where your actual job. I remember that you, Tara, and I became really close and it was awesome and you both were truly amazing to me. I remember when i almost quit the wiki because i was causing problems with other user, and you were the one there for me, which showed me how much you truly cared. I wish i had an actual friend who would be as awesome as you. Joey I know yo…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Ryder’s POV: This is really weird I never thought I be back here, I thought I was meant for acting, I guess since that didn’t work out, I give teaching a try, gosh I remember the times when Finn Hudson was the new leader of new directions. He was so terrible with song choices, I’m glad he and Rachel got back together cause man that year was horrible, we didn’t even win sectionals. I hope I can but a new spin to new directions. I guess I should start with changing the name. I step out of my car hoping that none of my old teachers recognized me. I walk towards the building all pumped up and excited for this new experience in my life, when all of a sudden this kid just bump into me, causing me to spill my steaming cup of coffee all over my clo…

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  • LacKdaiSicaL

    Glee Mini Fan Fic

    December 1, 2012 by LacKdaiSicaL

    Okay guys so i have been really wanting to write a mini Glee fan fic. Its has been seven years after season 3 of glee.

    Finn and Rachel has gotten married and have moved back to lima heights to raise there 2 year old daughter named Lucy. Finn is the new football coach. Rachel is the new guidence consular at mckinley high school, and runs the drama club. She has learned that her new passion is helping others live there dreams.

    Ryder recently graduated college, and has accepted a job at mckinley high school as the new leader of the new directions. During High school, Marley was Dump, and screwed over by Jake, and Ryder was the only one there for her. They dated but went there separate ways. Marley is now dating a guy named Michael. Marley is al…

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