Okay guys so i have been really wanting to write a mini Glee fan fic. Its has been seven years after season 3 of glee.

Finn and Rachel has gotten married and have moved back to lima heights to raise there 2 year old daughter named Lucy. Finn is the new football coach. Rachel is the new guidence consular at mckinley high school, and runs the drama club. She has learned that her new passion is helping others live there dreams.

Ryder recently graduated college, and has accepted a job at mckinley high school as the new leader of the new directions. During High school, Marley was Dump, and screwed over by Jake, and Ryder was the only one there for her. They dated but went there separate ways. Marley is now dating a guy named Michael. Marley is also the new math teacher at Mckinley.

Quinn is the new Cheerio coach, since Sue has retried. She has married a business man, Chase, who is usually away alot so she doesnt get to see him that often. She even had twins boys, named Noah and Joesph.

Will is now the princple of Mckinley, he has a 6 year old daughter with Emma, her name is Emily. Emma and Will are having marriage problems, and are leaning towards divorce.

Since its been 7 years, the rules have changed!!!!! now to compete at sections, regionals, and only need 6 members. Its gonna be a mini fan fic.....Glee club with start out with only 4 members. So dont be upset if your character doesnt appear right away.

I need 2 cheerio character, 1 jock character, and 3 characters that feel like they are losers. I have also created a character, who will be a jock.

Another thing The New Directions is changing there name this year.


  • Name:
  • Gender
  • Age and Grade Level:
  • Personality:
  • Biography:
  • Cheerio/Jock/Loser:
  • Why do they want to be in glee club:
  • Strengths:
  • Weakness:
  • Audition Song:
  • Dancer/Singer/ or Just in glee club for fun:
  • Celebrity Portrayer (please match to age or close to it):


Main Characters:

  • Brandon Day (Brandon)
  • Courtney Jenson (Eloise)
  • Deana Kidd (Delilah)
  • Ethan Wellington (Manuel)
  • Finn Hudson
  • Marley Rose
  • Mayla Lennox (Shan)
  • Quinn Fabray
  • Ricky Nelson (Tyler)
  • Ryder Lynn
  • TBA

Recurring Characters:

  • Rachel Berry
  • Michael Torres
  • Chase Robertson
  • Will Shuester
  • Ashley Braun (Sam)
  • TBA

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