Hello everyone, i have decided that i should leave the wiki. Apparently i cause to much trouble and get banned from chat for no reason. This wiki is going bad im afraid :( Bye everyone im sorry im leaving but i have to. Its the last straw!!! and this time im not bluffing as some of you may say!

Special Message to Mau: Dude im sorry i cause you pain, but first off im not lying, second of all its just a wiki relationship. I do apologize and im deeply sorry if i hurt your feelings.

Special Message to Nasia: Hi nasia i know your leaving the wiki for awhile due to school, i understand and will miss you. Your a great person, and were a wonderful wiki girlfriend and i was a bit of a duchebag. Bye Nasia i'll still love you.

Special Message to Joey: Joey your an amazing guy, and probably the person i will miss the most, no offense to the others. You are truly the man, and dont forget that everyone loves you her and everyone is admired by you.

Special Message to Andrew: Andrew im sorry you have been in and out of the wiki, and come into fights and other stuff such as people getting banned from chat and what not. Im sorry, you are awesome and you are the person that i have none the longest on a wiki. Your just a great guy, and hope everything works out for you.

Now im going guys peace out.

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