Okay so hello everyone. Im thinking of writing a story and here is my idea, tell me what you think. So the story focus on a young girl named Lennox. She has a special book to where she is able to live out her greatest dreams. One day while on her way home, it was storming, Her parents car went off the rode and flooded. Seven hours later Lennox awakens but something isnt right, she is in a forest and her parents are no where to be found. She realizes that she is actually in her special book. Now she most have to distinguish whether she is alive or dead, and how she could possibly get back to reality. He special book, has a nightmare section, and she is afraid to get near the end of the book, because she knows how it ends. Its a fight for survive and a race against time. Can she awaken from her dream, or is this really happening to she dead? What do you guys think?

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