So i wanted to express a new fan fic idea....this is just for fun! btw. Okay anyways...It will feature 12 contestants.....divided in 2 groups...the Females and the males. We have a shortage of girls on the wiki so....if Ellie, Nasia, Delilah, Shan, Julia/Elektra sign up....i will add one female from tgp s2 or s1. Anyways the competition is to find your best friend on the wiki.....Each week....There will be Guy elimination days, and then female elimination days. On guy elimination team.....the team must decide who the want to save (if you cant will be taken to public vote)...this person will not be at risk. Then the girls will nominate 2 guys to go into elimination (again, if you cant agree then public vote)....

1 week example: Its a guy elimination day....lets say the team is Manuel, Tyler, John, Mauricio, Tom, Andrew. The team decides 1 person to save so lets say the guys save John is safe the girls must nominate 2 guys to be up for elimination. Then if will be taking a live vote to see who is out....there will be time limits! so make sure you vote....or you could be out. Anyways than the next day it will be a female elimination on a so forth. There will be 9 episodes! so please sign up if you want to JOIN.

1. John

2. Mau

3. Tom

4. Andrew

5. TBA

6. TBA

7. Delilah

8. Johanna aka Joey

9. TBA

10. Nasia

11. TBA

12. TBA

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