So I created this blog once, and i was almost finish, but the computer freezed and now I have to make it all over again. Anyways these are auditions for potiental characters the enter my new story with the temporary name of "The Shadows". Please go check out the idea of what "The Shadows" is all about. Now on two audition time. There are two sections to the audition. The reality person which is the human character outside lennox's book. The there is The Shadows section which is the character that lennox has image the reality person to be.


Section 1, the reality character

  • Name:
  • Age (12-50)(Pefer youngs teens 16):
  • Occupation (Teacher, Student, ect.)
  • How the character knows Lennox:
  • Apperance (actual apperance):
  • Personality:
  • Backgroud (not to much):

Section 2, the shadow character

  • Alternative name from reality character:
  • Mythological being (Any Type and Why):
  • Is the character in the dream section or nightmare section:
  • Is the character Good, Bad(misfit), Or Evil(why):

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