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    Happy Anniversary

    October 27, 2013 by Lead The Careers

    Happy anniversary, guys. It's been a year since this wiki was created. We've been on one hell of a journey.

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    August 31, 2013 by Lead The Careers


    This has been my first time on this wiki for... three months, maybe, or more?

    I can't believe how much I've missed.

    Everyone's leaving! Where has everyone gone?!

    Is this wiki dead or is it still surviving on the few members left?

    Can we make it till the year-long anniversary at least?

    I love you guys.

    I miss you guys.

    Try and get as many of the departed members back for the anniversary.

    I'll try and be there.

    Love you all.

    EDIT: Holy shit. He's gone. Joey's gone. No. If someone's reading this, please get on chat... this is so fucking triggering.

    I relapsed a few weeks ago. I'm okay now, though. I think.

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    I have to go

    June 13, 2013 by Lead The Careers

    I have to go. I need to leave.

    I have to leave the wiki. The reasons are personal, and I am almost crying writing this, but I need to go. I am going to miss you guys so much. Miss you all. Shan, Deli, Lily, Joey, Nasia, Nadia, John, Emmett, Mau, Brandon, Justin, Tom, Clone, Tyler, Karla, Mark, Ali (even though I haven't met you yet)... all of you.

    I might pop in now and again to see how things are rolling . I know I'm gonna miss so much (Tyler returning, Sam coming back (hey, she may have been a bitch at times, but she was nice), the wiki anniversary (I'm gonna try and be here when that happens)). 

    Mau, take over Battle of the Countries, and please, keep my page up incase I return.

    I love you awesome nerds.

    I feel like I'm writing my last will …

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    So, some people have been on my back for adding pictures to the relationship pages cause they think I'm doing it for a badge.

    I'M NOT.

    1. I'm about a hundred pictures off of getting a picture badge and at least 300 edits off an edit badge.
    2. I don't give a shit about badges.
    3. The only reason I added pictures is because I was really bored and I just started adding because it was fun.
    4. Pretty much everyone I spoke to on chat whilst doing it didn't care - some played along and helped me find the pictures.
    5. You can't assume that I was doing it for a badge, even if I was - which I wasn't - cause that's actually kinda hurtful.

    Seriously, I'm sure everyone here has spammed edits/pictures/categories before on either this wiki or another, so leave me alone. I was…

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