Hey guys! How is everyone? Emoticon_happy.png

I've had another idea for the wiki, which will make good use of the talk bubbles (which we used for WikiTwitter) and the spare pages... *dramatic drumroll* Scavenger Hunt! Emoticon_laughing.png

Okay, I know some of you are probably like... uh, what? Well let me explain. 

On different/random pages, we put different questions in the talk bubble which leads to other pages. I.E.:


1) Who is this user? -
The OFIBTY Scavenger Hunt

This user is one of the original members of the wiki. She is female, a writer and a singer.

Then, if the person gets the right answer, they will go to that page, where another question will be. I.E:


2) What is this fan fiction? -
The OFIBTY Scavenger Hunt

This fan fiction guarantees the winner a higher spot on the wiki, and the first season was won by Nasia.

It will go on, and then the person who gets it first is the winner! 

So, what do you guys think?

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