Hey guys, how is everyone? Emoticon_laughing.png

So, there's been so many ideas for competitions running through my head that I can't decide, so I decided to just shove them all together and create the Randomizer!

How does this all work?

Basically, the Randomizer will consist of several rounds, each with a very different assignment each, from writing to photo editing to coding to caption contests. They will get progressively harder as the rounds go on, and at the end, if my calculations are correct, there should be two people left and all the previously-eliminated contenders will decide on the winner. I am the only judge (Emoticon-00123-party.gif) and I will not be biased, I promise. As long as you do good, you'll get points.

There will be a points table, and the goal is to get as many points as possible. There will be the top three or four in each round, first place getting three-four points and third/fourth place getting one point.  However, the ending task is just who does the best entry and wins immediately.

The things that will definitely pop up are: writing, caption contests (those can be so much fun), prank-playing >:), photo editing and wiki coding.

Please sign up, it'll be a good laugh!

Sign Up List

  • Lily
  • Johnny
  • Mark

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