So, some people have been on my back for adding pictures to the relationship pages cause they think I'm doing it for a badge.


  1. I'm about a hundred pictures off of getting a picture badge and at least 300 edits off an edit badge.
  2. I don't give a shit about badges.
  3. The only reason I added pictures is because I was really bored and I just started adding because it was fun.
  4. Pretty much everyone I spoke to on chat whilst doing it didn't care - some played along and helped me find the pictures.
  5. You can't assume that I was doing it for a badge, even if I was - which I wasn't - cause that's actually kinda hurtful.

Seriously, I'm sure everyone here has spammed edits/pictures/categories before on either this wiki or another, so leave me alone. I was bored and getting tired of seeing the relationship pages blank, so I added pictures.

It's kinda hurtful when you just assume that I'm editing for badges. I genuinely don't give a crap about achivemements any more, but if how would you like it if you added something to a page and I left a message on your wall saying "Please refrain from making unnecessary edits" then two people messaged "Agree" and "Amen"?

Well, that's my rant over. Just... stop. I didn't do it for a badge, and I can swear that on this wiki... it's actually kinda sad I have to go that far. Emoticon_indifferent.png


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