Kay,so Ive noticed lots of people are using emoticons on pages and comments, and not only on chat, and its sometimes hard to use them, so I made a new "system" to use them :)

To use some emoticons (not all of them for the moment) on a page just change (NAME) to {{Emo:NAME}}

That means (fp) turns to {{Emo:fp}}

This is the list of the ones that are ready to use:

  • Facepalm.gif = {{Emo/fp}}
  • BlobPink.gif = {{Emo/blob}}
  • Emoticon_happy.png = {{Emo/:)}}
  • Emoticon_sad.png = {{Emo/:(}}
  • Angry_by_CookiemagiK.gif = {{Emo/angry}}
  • Smiley-shocked032.gif = {{Emo/shock}}
  • Emoticon-00140-rofl.gif = {{Emo/lol}}
  • Emoticon-00137-clapping.gif = {{Emo/clap}}
  • Emoticon_laughing.png = {{Emo/:D}}
  • Suprisedemoticon = {{Emo/:o}}

Ill be adding more soon :)

NOTE: These emoticons are a bit more sensitive, and you need to use them exactly as they are here (including caps).

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