Since Drew is kinda busy...Ill try to do this week's blog :)

Love is in the air in our family....Shoey, Masia, Andany, Tellie and Samau are in loveeeee. There has been a werid love triangle between Naisa, Tyler, and Manuel, and in the end, polls talked and Manasia kissed in the dark. Justin and Delilah have also been together, but in different ways.... (makeout) right? Nasia and Sam have been punching each other all day long, and when Tyler found out about Masia, he just left chat...awkward right? Tyler is still going with Nasia to prom eventhough she's with Manny :O. Tom just revealed his secret crush but he can't admit it, but Tellie rocks...and thats what you missed on OFIBTY!

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